lavendar in townhouse garden

Project 52 2023 week 23

This week was the end of half term and back to school and work. The weather was largely warm although mornings have been chilly. I’ve still been sitting under the blanket in my cool room until it’s been warming up and the sun’s come round.

Here’s our week 23 of Project 52.

Sunday my nagging finally worked and homework was done. Otherwise, it was a pretty normal day farming, and relaxing at home. I made some no churn strawberry ice cream with my over the top purchasing of strawberries that we’d never get through. My brother popped over for some football, and they had out my GoPros to take videos of goals and goalkeeping skills. One only had sound on the playback so I’m not sure how that happened. I finally got round to putting my clothes horse outside in the sun to try and get it dried faster now the Aga is turned off for summer.

Monday was back to school and work. Yet again I had to get on the phone to Stagecoach because the driver missed out the village. Same driver has driven their bus 3 times and each time he’s gone the wrong way. Hopefully they’ll finally sort it out because it’s getting ridiculous. Even though one of the kids told him he wouldn’t go the way that would have corrected it.

First private tennis lesson in so long. It went quite well, although eating 2 scoops of ice cream before going probably didn’t help with his energy and movement!

On Tuesday I was back in the office. I do like going in there. I might try and go in once a week, and letting the OH do the school pick up once a week instead.  It was nice and busy in there, seeing lots of people I don’t usually work with. I was in for a workshop which was ok too, and met a new colleague who started this week.

N had another of their lunchtime football tournament games and their team won their first match. Onwards and upwards for them.

Wednesday was working from home as normal. It was a busy day, but it’s good to be getting lots done. N’s PE this time round is tennis. Comedy when he told me they had to use red balls (mini red tennis is age 5-8!), and he was lucky enough to grab 1 of 2 normal sized tennis rackets. A bit silly giving tiny rackets to secondary school kids! N wanted to bbq, so we did curry marinaded chicken. 

On Thursday it was another busy work day, another sunny day. Not much went on really. More tennis in PE, with proper sized rackets this time. I somehow forgot to order several important items on my food shop – including tissues. We go through so many (well, one person not me!).

Friday I was pleased to get to the end of the working week. There was a bit of trouble on the school bus with N getting caught up in it by association so we’ll see what happens with that next week. Tennis was warm and sunny, lovely weather to watch.

On Saturday, it felt more productive despite the heatwave. I wasn’t happy to pay £1.10 for 30 mins car parking only to find the bakery stall not on the market which was the reason I’d gone in. Supermarket visit instead, then got a washload on the clothes horse and outside. I baked a cake for Sunday’s football tournament refreshments. It’s going to be a hot one, so hopefully the icing will survive. I also received a week’s bus pass as an apology for the bus driver missing out our village stop which was good. Hopefully the driver will now do the proper route.

Otherwise it was a scorcher, so I sat out to read for a little bit, but otherwise stayed in the cool of the house

lavendar in townhouse garden

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  1. I bet N’s face was a picture when he got the red balls in school tennis. What a palaver with the bus driver getting the route wrong. Shame on the parking and the bread stall not being on the market. The ice cream sounds a good idea to use up fruit that may go off otherwise.

  2. That is so annoying that the bus driver keeps going the wrong way! Glad they gave you a weeks pass though. Hopefully they won’t mess up again!

  3. How frustrating that the bus keeps missing your village, hope it is sorted now. Your no churn ice cream sounds delicious, I will check out your recipe

  4. Putting the clothes horse outside is a good idea. I filled my line today and got another out on the clothes airers.
    Ugh! That is frustrating about the bus, you seem to have nothing but trouble with it. They really should have a word with themselves.
    hehehe! That is funny about the tennis in the PE lessons.
    What a pretty picture. x

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