loaded pastry tart

Project 52 2020 week 18 – pastry tart

We’re racing through the year, and it’s not been plain sailing this week. Here’s our week 18 of Project 52.

On Sunday, N’s throat was still hurting. He had another hour nap in the afternoon, so there was obviously something wrong. He also had a really high temperature – no cough otherwise I was on coronavirus alert, even though he’s been near noone who would have come into contact with it. Another bout of tonsillitis was in the offing. Otherwise it was a lazy day.

Monday, I managed to get on the call list to speak to the doctor. N’s right tonsil was huge and the hanging down middle bit was bending right and touching it, both tonsils had white spots on, he had a headache and his right gland was up. The doctor agreed that it was tonsillitis, and prescribed antibiotics. This is his 4th lot since November so we have to keep a record of it.The queue at the dispensary was 6 people long, I was second, but the person in front of me was collecting prescriptions for the whole of her family and 2 other people as well.

I also nipped to the village shop for my weekly top up (£58 later including 2 large blocks of cheddar were over £9!). Luckily there was no queue so for the first time I just walked straight in.

N did no school work other than a little times tables rockstars, and mostly laid in his blanket den with his laptop all day.

Tuesday was similar to Monday. I worked while N was ill. His temperature had at least come down. Again he just did some times tables, and a bit of earthquake reading.

On Wednesday it was back to home school. Crikey, after 4 days off it was painful. He only managed 1 english piece of work, no reading or topic. His throat was still playing up. This tonsillitis really hit him worse than normal. Usually he’d only have 1 day off school as he’d have no temperature or headache with it, and be fine in himself.

In the evening I had a zoom call with a couple of old school friends I usually meet up with a couple of times a year. It was lovely to chat. But I have a feeling I was taking up a lot of the conversation. Ooops.

Thursday was a better home school day. I had a lot of work calls, and N did a decent amount of work. I made some butter cookies – with only 3 ingredients they’re easy and quick to make. N loved them, the OH didn’t. How on earth not, I don’t know!

On Friday, it was also a good home school day. N worked really hard although he then went out on the farm in the afternoon so didn’t finish one bit of work, and still no reading took place. Sigh. Next week we’ll have to make sure that’s done earlier. I found a great beauty store online and ordered some make up I’d run out of that was out of stock in the usual places, plus treated myself to some bargain hair products.

Saturday was a nice lazy day for me. Although there was a bit of a disagreement because the OH needed to go to a tractor dealer to pick up some parts, and decided to take N with him. I was not happy – he should have gone on his own. And N didn’t want to go, once he’d remembered we’re in lockdown. But the OH wasn’t having any of it, so off they went. N didn’t get out of the vehicle, but if they’d been stopped and asked why there was a child in the car, god knows what the OH would have said, and it wouldn’t have been nice for N who’s a rule follower. All was ok though, and they came back with the parts.

I spent the day doing some food photography, jigsaw puzzle and a bit of reading. N helped me make tea which was gammon, egg and chips (salad instead of chips for me). He loves frying eggs so he was in his element. I ended the day ready for a zoom virtual birthday party for one of our farming/camping friends.

So much of my time during lockdown has been focused on food – that’s what cooking for all of us 7 times a week does to me. So this week’s photo for Project 52 is of my loaded pastry tart. N wasn’t impressed and I’m not sure the OH was either, although he didn’t actually say anything about it. I thought it was really nice.

loaded pastry tart

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  1. Poor wee N. That is horrible with tonsilitis. The tart looks amazing. That must have been stressful N taking off like that xx

  2. Tonsilitis is horrible, I hope he is feeling better now? I think your tart look delicious. #project365 (sorry it’s late)

  3. So sorry to hear N is still struggling. Grrrr I’d have been mad too if someone insisted on taking me somewhere during lockdown. I’ve noticed the cost of food seems to have gone up, but I think we’re actually just buying more

  4. Wow, that tart looks absolutely amazing. I can’t believe they didn’t like it. But if your hubby even turned his nose up at the cookies, I think he’s just in a bad mood ! lol. Sorry to hear about your son’s tonsillitis – not good at the best of times, but even worse in confinement.Don’t worry about his schoolwork – as long as he’s doing a bit, that’s good enough (and that’s speaking as a teacher ! lol)

  5. Sorry to hear N hasn’t been feeling well!

    That pastry tart looks amazing! I have been doing more cooking than normal too and being a bit more adventurous

  6. That loaded pastry tart looks gorgeous! We also seem to be focusing on food a lot in lockdown, our food shop is so much more expensive too. I miss going to the shops as I haven’t been since lockdown started, just having bits delivered instead!

  7. Tonsilitis is miserable, Sebby seems to suffer with it in my house. Hope he is feeling better now. Home schooling has been touch and go for us too

  8. Aww! Poor N! Tonsillitis is horrible. I remember getting it again and again when I was his age.
    That was really unfair of your hubby to take N out like that. I’m glad they weren’t stopped.
    That tart looks amazing! I think it looks delicious x

  9. Poor N! It sounds like the tonsilitis hit him really hard. Glad to hear he is better now. That’s annoying that the OH insisted on taking N out with him when N didn’t want to go.
    The tart looks delicious, although I don’t like pastry, so I would just pick all the vegetables and cheese off and eat those!

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