exploring the countryside again

Puppy walking in the countryside

Being on a farm we rarely walk our dogs. Well, the in laws walk theirs and my sister in law loves going for long walks with theirs. But ours generally just roam around on the farm, then go out in vehicles and then get let out for a run. But traditional walks aren’t regular.

This has changed with having puppies again. The OH has a labrador and the in laws now have an alsatian. They’re a similar age and obviously need taking out several times a day. As with most farm dogs, ours are in kennels (heated ones) and have a run outside.

exploring the countryside again

At the moment the puppies only go out with other people being there to stop them escaping through the hedge onto the road (electric fence is now up after the last attempt!). They get taken out in the vehicles for shepherding and a walk around, but as N is around during lockdown, he goes out puppy walking across the fields when he’s helping out on the farm.

After Easter I had a week off work, so it was my job to go out with them instead. Bear in mind I don’t do walking on the farm. I haven’t done since we were dating because the OH’s not trying to impress me by spending time with me and I’ve got other things to do than go for walks around the countryside, which I generally find quite tedious – it’s just more of the same, just fields. I prefer walking places I can see lots of interesting things and take photos.

puppies walking by blossom in hedge

But going out with N and the pups was a nice change. Even if I did realise my walking boots are now too small (I’ve not worn them for years, and my feet are half a size bigger than pre-N) so hurt my big toe. And the next day I wore my usually comfy walking trainers, only to find I got a huge blister that then took over a week to repair. So probably no more walking for me until it’s definitely back to trainer walking weather with extra socks.

boy and his dogs walking sillhouetted against the sky

We’re lucky because we have so much space. While we do have a historic footpath through our land, it’s not busy (unless there’s D of E kids out during non lockdown times), so we can roam at leisure and not see anyone. N did say they’ve seen a few people out but it’s mostly on bikes and locals.
Over 2 days we went out 3 times.

Really I was there to supervise because the 2 puppies are getting a bit large and strong for N to get back on a lead if they decide to run off and not come back. Both need work on their recall.

One walk we ended up with the older labrador coming along too. She tends to do her own thing but like a roam out. Until she gets jumped on by the other two. I bet she then wishes she’d stayed at a distance.

black labrador walking on dry ground

N looks very at home with the dogs. They really love him, and will walk nicely on the lead or bond along behind him when he runs off. He’s also getting to know the fields round by us well – it’s funny hearing his descriptions of them. No wonder I never know which fields they’re talking about.

black lab hiding in long grass

It was lovely to get out and stretch my legs.

To see the countryside and neighbouring county spreading in front of us.

sitting on a hill watching over the countryside
yellow gorse flowers

Spotting the villages and other farms we knew.

To see the cows turned out in the fields

To watch the new lambs.

walking puppies in a sheep field

To see the house below us and remind myself what a beautiful spot we live in.

To enjoy watching N take the lead, make the decisions and know how to sort the puppies out when they’re running wild.

We spotted the ‘Peter Rabbit’ tree with it’s holes that make it look like there’s a slide coming down from inside to the bottom.

And the cave tree which N goes and sits inside with the dogs.

boy emerging from hedge gap
white hawthorn blossom

Maybe because it’s a novelty to me not walking all the time, but it was lovely to be out, once I’m out.

beatiful sky through an open countryside gate

Next thing once lockdown is over will be to get out once the shops open and find some comfortable walking boots (and decent wellies that go over my calves), so I can go out with N walking more often.

Have you been out for walks, or staying at home?

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