national football museum water shot

Project 52 2018 week 32 – National Football Museum

I’ve been off work this week so it’s been a fun week of getting out and about for week 32 of Project 52.

It started off at CBBC Summer Social in Liverpool, then park trips, a tennis private lesson for N, meet up with Mary and Monkey from Over 40 and a mum to one at Canons Ashby. Then up to Manchester to stay with my best friend for a couple of days.

While we were there, N enjoyed catching up and playing with my godson who’s 2 years younger. We did a lot of the Bee in the City trail, then popped into the National Football Museum.  The boys enjoyed a lot of time playing around the water features, and I made the most of the photography opportunities. It’s not often I see lots of glass buildings and older architecture while N is being entertained elsewhere!

In more news this week, my camera is finally back at Jessops after the repairs were finished. It’s only taken 11 weeks to get the 1 final part they needed. Hopefully I’ll be picking it up tomorrow and will be back enjoying a camera where I can actually use the manual settings!

national football museum water shot
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  1. Hope you got your camera back at last – must have been annoying. Liverpool is a great day out isn’t it? We went last summer, but we have lots more still to see.

    1. Yes, camera is back finally and got a reduction on the repair cost thankfully. Still haven’t used it yet though! It was Manchester we went to

  2. It sounds like you’re keeping the boys busy during the Summer holidays! We have visited Manchester recently but didn’t do the Bee trail. We will have to go back and do it. Looks like fun !

  3. Hi Emma, it sounds like you are making every moment of your week off count! I don’t know what I would do without my camera for 11 weeks! I get edgy when the battery is charging… I really must get a spare!



    1. Yes, we do like to keep busy. I have a couple of camera batteries. Thankfully my phone camera is really good, but also I have a point and shoot for emergencies

  4. hopefully there will be no more problems with the camera, that’s a long time to wait for repairs. Sounds like Mary has had a busy week meeting up with people

  5. Well you have to take those opportunities and go off and take photographs when you can! Great water feature in among those modern buildings. More to the point though, I didn’t even know there was a National Football Museum! #mysundayphoto

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