rainbow from a atree

Project 52 2020 week 41 – rainbow day

Week 41 of Project 52 and it’s been a busy work week. Usually I only get a couple of emails between logging off at night and back on the next morning, this week, it’s been nearer 15 each morning. More people are certainly working longer since we’ve been at home, probably because we’re working more flexibly through the day as needed. Not great opening up for the day to see all the emails that need actioning though!

With Covid, cases are rising fast, deaths are much slower thankfully. Evidently one of the first schools in the county to send pupils home is one of he nearby village schools to us, although I’ve also seen our villages are also some of the only ones in our smaller area not to have cases, so either it was a negative or someone living elsewhere who just goes to the school. We’re all waiting to see the new announcements on Monday from the government as cases are still rising even in areas with more restrictions. Trump tested positive, but seems to be ignoring the fact he could still have it in his system as he’s still working after a brief hospital stay!

Onto our week.

Sunday was quiet as usual. I did some puzzling finishing one. Thanks to the rain, N’s tennis match was cancelled as the home team’s courts were sodden. With potential restrictions, I’m not sure the others will go ahead.

Monday was back to school and work. Not much happened. He did come back having had a bit of a muddy bump on his head, but it was obviously fine as the next morning there was no sign of it.

On Tuesday the weather was like April showers. Rainbows galore. Every time I looked out of the window, the rainbow had gone and 5 minutes later there was another in a different place. N was pleased because he’d had hockey 2 days running at school. He’s been loving playing it. As a tennis player I’m pleased he’s finally enjoying a team sport, and the main hockey lady who comes in seems to be pleased with his playing and effort.

Wednesday after school N had his individual tennis lesson. There was another coach teaching one of the younger boys so I had a quick chat with the mum. It was so cold there – I’m definitely going to have to get out the warmer coat, gloves and hat for watching now the sun is down by the end of the session. It was a good lesson, hitting lengths which for such a small boy is a lot of effort. Then learning to run around his forehand. His shoulder was a bit sore after and the next day. With N no longer swimming twice a week, I think it does mean he loses a bit of that stamina and strength building in his arms.

On Thursday it was my birthday. A birthday that in surveys might move me into the next age grouping. I had some new sheepskin slippers (the clues worked), a gorgeous orchid that I’m hoping I won’t kill, some flowers and a craft kit. I spent the morning in a 3 hour zoom meeting, more meetings in the afternoon. No cake like there would usually be. I had planned to make one but didn’t have time the night before.

Friday was short work day. We took food in to school for the food bank harvest collection, and school did their harvest festival celebration virtually. It worked well going from classroom to classroom with all the children reading parts of class poems. No singing because they’re not allowed to with Covid guidance. So it was a very short ‘service’, but it was lovely, and worked really well. I think there’ll be a lot of virtual events and big assemblies this school year. There was a buzzard on our garden fence today – I got a few photos on my phone, but it didn’t hang around long enough for me to get my camera out.

N had his group tennis lesson in the evening. They had one bad rain shower half way through had a break under cover before playing on. I spent the session chatting to one of the other mums, who’s daughter is new to the group. One of the great things about tennis is meeting more of the parents with kids from other schools.

Later in the evening I had a zoom catch up with a couple of old school friends. I’d not spoken to them since early lockdown, but it was lovely to catch up. I really need to do more of that.

Saturday we nipped into town in the morning. I needed to stock up on meat. The bank wasn’t open so couldn’t pay in my cheque which was annoying, and N wanted to get rid of an old £20 not, but Waterstones till with the cash in wasn’t working. So I ended up paying for the book he wanted and he’ll have to change his money another time. It’s always weird being in town as it’s probably only our 3rd time since March.

It was Blog On virtual conference all day for me too. This year it’s a virtual event, which worked really well, although I didn’t get the chance to go into the networking room where usually you’d get to chit chat to blogging friends. I did manage to chat separately through some of the sessions with one friend. I’ve still plenty of recorded sessions to check out – the bonus of it being virtual is I get to see the sessions I couldn’t make, plus I’m probably doing more sessions than I would if it was an in person event.

This week’s photo was one of the rainbows’ ends – it looked like it was coming from the trees.

rainbow from a atree

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  1. Happy Belated birthday! Hope you had a godo day and enjoyed! Glad the hints worked and you got the cosy slippers… how are you getting on with the orchid? I never seem to be able to keep them alive 🙁

    Glad to hear N is getting on well with hockey! Liv is loving it too. After not having many sporting options at her primary school, this is a total turnaround so glad she is getting her teeth stuck into sports. All the chatter around the virtual BlogOn was so positive, glad it still went ahead, the conferences have always been awesome!

  2. Happy Belated birthday wishes! Hope the orchid is still surviving. I am not very green fingered so tend to avoid plants/flowers. But cosy new slippers sound perfect! That is frustrating if you have made a special visit to town and the bank was closed.

    1. It is still alive! I’ve deadheaded 2 flowers and another is growing, so it obviously doesn’t mind where it’s been put. Phew

  3. What a gorgeous rainbow. Happy Birthday sounds like you were spoilt. I need to login to the virtual events and listen I couldn’t make the date after the days got changed. I think it is great you can still go in and listen though and see everything if you want to. There are some benefits to it being virtual.

  4. Love the rainbow picture. We’ve had lots of rain too but no rainbows sadly ! I hope you manage to stay covid-free in your area – there have been a few cases in the kids schools but nothing major luckily and they didn’t even get any extra time off ! Happy belated birthday – the slippers sound lovely. I hope you ended up with a belated cake ! xx

  5. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you have had a lovely stash of gifts.
    Orchids are not that bad to take care of, but they don’t like over-watering. I now water my orchids once a week, they live on the kitchen window sill and look decent.
    Gorgeous rainbow. I kept looking for one as well, when we had rain and sun on the same day, but we couldn’t spot any. They must have all moved towards you. 🙂

    1. Yes, I’ve got the information ‘how to look after this plant’ and it says soak bottom in water once a week, and it’s on the kitchen window. It says no sunlight, but every window of ours gets sun at some point in the day, so I’m hoping where I’ve put it is ok.

  6. Glad you got what you wanted for your birthday. I hope work isn’t too busy for you. It is hard with schools just now x

  7. Happy belated birthday – hope you had a nice day. How lovely to see lots of rainbows on Tuesday. One nice side of a day of sunshine and showers. Love the photo. Glad that you enjoyed the virtual BlogOn and that N is still able to enjoy his tennis lessons. #project366

  8. That’s a lovely clear rainbow. Hope you had a happy birthday and well done with all the hinting you did. Glad to hear N is enjoying hockey and he still managed some tennis despite the rain

  9. Hope you had a lovely birthday. New slippers sound perfect – I’m a big fan of good quality ones that keep me warm and last for ages. Sounds like you have a lot less covid locally than we do. School disruption is the norm here now.

    1. Oh no, don’t say that. I’ve killed an african violet before and they’re meant to be indestructible, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed

  10. It sounds like you have been busy with work. I hope it stays slow and steady for you and not too many emails on a morning.
    We have had a few schools nearby with Covid cases but thankfully my girls school and college is OK at the moment. Trump is an idiot. I don’t think he actually had it, it’s all a bit convenient with the elections coming up.
    Happy belated birthday to you! Hooray for the new slippers, I’m hoping for some for my birthday next month. I don’t think I’ll get sheepskin one’s though, just cheap one’s from Primark. lol
    What a pretty picture. I do love a rainbow. x

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