Wasgij original 24 a very merry holidays puzzle solution

Wasgij Original 24 A Very Merry Holidays puzzle solution

I hadn’t really thought I’d get the end result that this Wasgij puzzle shows. But it was a fun surprise.  The latest I’ve completed was the Wasgij Original 24 – A Very Merry Holidays. If you’re American, you might click faster than us Brits, but there’s a hint of the alternative holidays in this one.

Wasgij original 24 a very merry holidays puzzle solution

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Like all the Wasgij Originals, you’re doing the puzzle from the perspective of one of the characters, rather than the image you see on the box.  There’s quite a lot of blues and greens of the sea which is a bit off putting at first, but once I’d got to the stage of sorting out the shapes, it went fairly smoothly.

What you see on the box is a summer holiday scene at the beach. The solution is the holidays but with a twist, and some water sport frolics. When I was sorting colours at the start, some of the patterns confused me until it starting taking shape.

As with all Wasgij puzzles there’s plenty of laughs and funny characters and goings on.

If you need some help with doing a Wasgij without a solution, check out my post on completing Wasgij puzzles. You can also find all my other solutions there.

Keep scrolling for the Very Merry Holidays solution, and video.

Wasgij a Very Merry Holidays

Which has been your favourite Wasgij?

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