MADS awards

The MAD blog awards 2014

It’s blog awards season again, so it’s the chance for bloggers to put themselves out there and share the link for voting.  This time it’s the MADS – the mum and dad blog awards

There’re various different categories, and you have the chance to nominate one in each category before nominated blogs are shortlisted.

I’m really torn as I still love those blogs I voted for last year, but I know there are other newer blogs that I’ve discovered this year who also deserve to win.  I’m going to have to pull straws at this rate to do my vote.

Anyway, I’d love to not have to nominate my own blog, so if you enjoy reading Bubbablue and me, then please do think about me if and when you vote.  You can vote via the MADs badge on the right (hint, my blog’s best fit is probably family fun) or below.

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    1. Thanks. It’s just nice to have been nominated by other people, I’m not holding out much hope of getting shortlisted against the huge competition.

  1. I hope you win an award! I always find it so difficult participating in nominated people and their blogs for awards. It’s always too difficult for me to pick who I want to nominate. I want everyone to win, I guess you could say, haha. Best of luck picking your nominees and, again, I hope you win!! #SITSblogging

    1. Thank you. It’s an extremely hard task to get voted about some of the really big blogs who are really stand out, so I’d just be really chuffed to make the shortlist.

  2. Wow! I read your about page and you sound like me! I’m turning 29 this year. What age did you decide it was “time”?


    1. Seems there’s quite a few of us around. I married at 27, but wasn’t until I got to 32 that I changed my mind. Not that I could see myself with children, but I just felt I’d regret it if I got to 60 and hadn’t tried. I don’t regret having had him younger on the whole, as I’ve got the finances etc in place, but there’s a lot of sacrifice to be made if you’ve got a husband/partner like mine who works all the time and doesn’t take time out for the family things outside of the home.

      You’ve got plenty of time though.

      Thanks for popping by

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