Boy in coat with ASA stage 1 swimming certificate

What to take in a nursery bag

Mummy gets my bag ready for nursery the night before, but I like to include my own things just as we’re walking out of the door.  Anything to cause hassle and panic is great fun, although there is the danger of getting shouted at.

The things mummy says we need to include are:

  • Change of clothes – I like to remove things from the bag at nursery and at home so mummy never knows what’s in there.  The last 2 weeks I’ve removed socks which means I get to borrow spare nursery socks when my own get too wet to wear.  I don’t like wearing slightly wet socks.  Also in the summer, mummy has to remember I like playing in water so she needs to put in more than one t shirt.  She never remembers but I like to strip off and wander round just in my pull ups anyway.  If nursery say I have to wear clothes, I have to borrow random (usually too small) nursery spares which is good fun and means mummy has to do extra washing and remember to return the spare clothes afterwards.
  • Pull ups if it’s a nursery school day.  Mummy and Daddy say I’m big enough to use the toilet and wear pants all the time now, but I’m too little.  My key worker will change my nappy for me when I ask.
  • Waterproof trousers.  Mummy always puts these in the bag and I kick up if they’re not in the bag, but really I never wear them for going outside.  Really I just like to put them on during dressing up because I like my Tractor Ted waterproofs.
  • Hat and gloves.  Mummy never knows where these are – she was cross yesterday when she found one of my gloves on the floor at nursery and the other one gone. I’m meant to put them back in my coat pockets so we know where they are.  Oops
  • Wellies.  I like to have my wellies in my bag, but I prefer to wear them.  Sometimes I have a strop when I’m being picked up and refuse to wear my shoes because I want to wear my wellies.  I don’t like to leave my spare pair of boots at nursery, even though it would be ok to do that.
  • Potty.  I’ve started taking in my potty…it’s a way of making mummy think that I might be debating using it.  I never do.

As well as all of this I like to keep things fresh by taking in whatever toy or item I’ve found.  Mummy gets annoyed in the morning when I faff and can’t make my mind up.

I’ve also been known to take in the following to nursery:

  • Last year’s Santa hat that I found in the bottom of my wardrobe.  It’s a bit tight now, but I like hats and it makes people laugh.  Plus I look cute!
  • Teddies galore.  Well, not teddies, but my dog, cow, blanket and Peter Rabbit.  And not forgetting My Pal Scout which doesn’t fit in my drawer so I can grab it at any time
  • JCB digger.  I don’t think Mummy thought I’d actually take this into nursery but I wasn’t leaving it in the car.  I think they were quite surprised to see it.
  • My swimming badge and certificate.  Of course I had to share what I’d managed to do.

Boy in coat with ASA stage 1 swimming certificate


I’m wondering what other things I can remember to take in next.  I’m thinking I might struggle to persuade mummy that my cardboard box boat is a good idea.


What are your nursery bag essentials?  What interesting things get taken in?

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  1. The most important thing to pack into the nursery bag is the kid itself lol. Sometimes I feel like I am so busy getting everything ready that I lose myself and forget to get my kids ready. A must have in our bag is definitely snacks and toys to keep them entertained and occupied. That and a change of clothes. and diapers…..and wipes!!! Let’s not talk about the size of my bag for two kids.


    1. I know what you mean. A bit like Home Alone!

      When I’m going out with N, I don’t bother with a huge bag. Snacks and a drink, nappies and wipes, and that’s it. If it’s out for a meal, then I’ll take some books, and a toy just in case the meal takes a while. But as soon as he starts toilet training, it’s going to have to increase in size again to allow for all the extra clothing. Not looking forward to a big bag again.

      Thanks for coming by.

  2. I wish I had some awesome tips for that! I landed in the hospital and gave birth to a 33 weeker so I wasn’t ready at all for him by the time I went into preterm labor. 🙁

    1. Phew that was early. I’m on maternity cover at work at the moment, and was meant to have a 7 week handover before the person I am covering went off. She ended up having her baby at 33 weeks as well – only a week handover – so all a bit of a panic for all – took her a long time to get to terms with not having had time to plan.

    1. Hi thanks for popping by. Oh yes, he’s definitely grab whatever’s on his mind at the time. As long as we get out of the house with as little effort as possible I’m happy he takes anything!

  3. Mine are slightly older now (Woooohoo) so we don’t have to take a diaper bag anymore. I used to have to pack tons of clothes and baby blankets. My daughter always had to have her blankies to go to sleep.

    1. Ah that’s cute. Can’t wait once we’ve got past the spare potty training clothes stage (once we start it!).

      N has a taggy blanket comforter, but doesn’t often take it to nursery. It helps that there’s a Peter Rabbit there just like his, so he just hogs that instead of often using his own. No one else gets a look in!

  4. What a complete list! Always handy to have a plan for getting out of the house on time in the mornings. 🙂
    Thank you


    Dropping by from SITS girls today.

  5. I love that his ‘wellies’ are on his list – that’s adorable! Our nursery bag (or diaper bag, as we say) is now filled with a change of underwear – yay, potty training success (he’s 3)….a change of clothing, a truck or car, hand/face wipes, a waterbottle, emergency snacks…..that’s about it! Great to connect with you! #sitsblogging

    1. I wish mine would potty train. He was 3 a couple of weeks ago, but won’t entertain it in the day time especially at nursery while at home he’ll sit there (with books), but rarely do anything (although he had done for 2 months morning and evening). Little sod!

      He would wear his wellies all day everyday if he could. Such a farmer’s boy!

      His nursery school has a more similar bag to your son’s as we have to provide a lunch box there and a water bottle for throughout the day. So hard to remember what he needs on which day because he does 2 different nurseries.

      Thanks for stopping by. Lots in common by the looks of things!

  6. Stopping by from SITS Girls Comment Love Tribe. Your blog exemplifies something I love about blogging – there are so many women out there who feel the way I do about so many different things, and being part of the blogosphere gives me a chance to connect with them. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

    1. Oh thanks, that’s such a lovely comment. Nice to have you pop by.

      I definitely agree. I love finding new blogs that are similar, but also finding those that are very different but still appeal to me.

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