The Best

Chuckle chuckle.  Who’s the best in our household?

According to the OH, it’s him.  He keeps trying to indoctrinate N by telling him ‘Dad’s Best’ in the hope that N will repeat it back.

Unfortunately it seems to be failing.

In fact, not just failing.  N is not only refusing to repeat it back, but the last couple of days has been answering back with ‘Mum’s best’. Ha ha ha, makes me chuckle every time I hear it.

Just goes to show that not all toddlers get into the repeating comments.  But it also shows the truth will out!

Dislaimer: I have not been prepping N at all, it’s all his own work.  Although I will admit that his dad is obviously the best in certain areas like taking N on the quad bike and tractor.

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