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Final teeth

Whoop, all very exciting.  N’s final 2 teeth have arrived.  I had been trying to keep an eye on them coming for ages, but there hadn’t seemed any sign of them.

Well, apart from him having looser nappies (but then he’s had those more than firmer for a long time), and having been ill with a cold a couple of weeks ago.  Other than that there’s been no sign he’s been teething.

I think overall, teething has been relatively painless for us.

Ok there’s been the occasional pain and crying, but he’s not suffered nights and nights of crying in pain.  Sometimes he’s wanted his version of comfort food – yoghurt, milk, potato and not a lot else, but on the whole he’s not really noticeably gone off food.  So it’s been hard to recognise when each new teeth has acually arrived.

But all 20 are here…now we can have a breather before they start to fall out and the tooth fairy appears.

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