Get ready for Mother’s Day – engraved gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up (10th March for those of you with bad memories and need reminding…my brother being one!) and it’s that time to have a think about what gifts would be appropriate for your nearest and dearest.  Or for dropping hints to husbands who need them.

I’ve been looking at Mother’s Day Gifts and wondering what kind of gift I’d want.

Obviously top of the list is a lovely card.  None of those insipid, horrendously be-poemed floral numbers.  And preferably not too pink.  With my OH, I’m unlikely to receive anything, as he doesn’t really think about Mother’s Day, despite me getting his mum and my mum cards and flowers.  Still the bonus with having a child at nursery, means I’ll always get a card and probably some other crafting item.  And with some of the online card companies nowadays, there’s no reason to not come up with a good value, brilliant personalised card.

Checking out gift websites, there are a mass of choices out there, and there’s sure to be something to suit any mum.  Engraved gifts seem to be the way to go to really make a present personal, so it’s important you get the right wording especially making sure the spelling’s right!  I think it’s also important to ensure you fit the right gift for the type of person your mum (or child’s mum if you’re buying from them) is.  No point getting a young trendy mum, who enjoys going out with friends and pampering herself,  something more suitable for an older mum who’d prefer a nice ornament (obviously not all older mums like ornaments before I get pounced on).

If you’re of the soppy romantic inclination, why not try a personalised photo frame: There’s a great choice of frames out there in different materials and looks, there’s sure to find one to fit.

If your mum likes a bit of a tipple, then how about a classy engraved champagne glass (along with a magnum of Moet):

crystal-glass (2)

Alternatively, you can personalise a bottle of the relevant wine variety.  It really is easy to do if you know what your mum likes to drink.  No buying chardonnay for a merlot drinker.

As a new mum, you’re always bombarded by businesses selling fingerprint jewellery for that commemorative piece which means you’ll always have your little one with you.  Take note dads, even if your OH wears no jewellery whatsoever, chances are they’d still love something with their family’s fingerprints on.  Jewellery is the easiest and usually the item that you opt for for mums, but you can also get quite funky keyrings as well.  Personally, I think you can’t fail with a sweetie style bracelet and a fingerprint tag.

Alternatively, there’s always the cheap (but potentially messy) breakfast in bed by the kids version or a cake (complete with whatever the kids added to the mix).  Me, given past Mother’s Day experience, I’d be happy with some flowers, a nice card and a family day out, but if there’s anything else going, I’d be silly to turn it down.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all words and views are my own.




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