wasgij destiny 20 the toy shop

Wasgij Destiny 20 – The Toy Shop puzzle solution

After doing about 10 Wasgij puzzles over the last 2 years, I’m really getting the hang of completing them. This is the second one I’ve completed without checking any of the clues or looking online, and I’m getting faster. If you’re new to the range of Wasgij puzzles, they do take a few goes to get your eye in and head around how they work. As with most things, the more you do the easier they get.

This time it was chance to do Wasgij Destiny 20 – The Toy Shop.
The Wasgij Destiny range are the easiest of the 4 ranges (I think). The box image shows a snapshot back in time, this one obviously the inside of a toy shop. To complete the jigsaw puzzle, you need to imagine what the toy shop would look like nowadays.

wasgij destiny 20 the toy shop

This means the basic layout remains the same – the building and outer colours take shape quite quickly. It’s the shop contents, people and what they’re doing that changes.

I started with the outside as usual, then worked on small obvious colour blocks. I build those up then either place them if I know where they sit, or leave to the side and add them later as I build up the image.

Top tips for puzzle accessories

People and animals are good to work on – I leave faces until the end unless they’re obvious, because skin tones blur into several shades making them harder to complete.

The toys in this one made it fun and weren’t too hard to see how they pieced together. There were a couple of places where I struggled at first to work out the location, but it came together well, and I completed it over 3-4 days so good going.

Check out my step by step guide on How to solve a Wasgij puzzle.

You can buy Wasgij Destiny 20 The Toy Shop, from Amazon or other Wasgij stockists.

wasgij The toy shop

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Which Wasgij puzzles have you tried recently?

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