pier at Grimsby sea front

Project 52 2020 Week 8 – sea front walk

Week 8 of Project 52 an meant half term and lots going on. Yippee.  Here’s what we’ve been up to this week.

On Sunday it was a quiet day. We stopped off to get the new pup (a fluffball German Shepherd who already ‘gets’ the barking at everyone who comes up the drive) a toy of her own. The 2 pups are in a kennel and run together but love to play tug of war with the lab pup;s toys. So get them a knotted rope each and they each have a soft bird to play with. They’re so funny in the kennel and larger run area the OH and N built them.

They’ve taken over the whole of the car port – I feel for the other dog who likes to sleep under the table there as there’s less room for her now (although she does roam the drive anyway. The labrador loves to be in the kennel, but the alsatian has to sit outside so she can see what’s going on. So funny to watch them.

Monday was back to work for me while N stayed on the farm with his dad. They got a bit wet but he had a great day.

On Tuesday it was the same again. This time I spent my time getting id of work, or setting it up for when I’m back in after a few days away.

Wednesday was a busy first day on leave. I put the tea in the bottom of the aga nice and early so it would cook all day, did some of the packing for our few days away.. Then we needed to get N’s hair cut. Usually the barber’s has a queue, but for the first time ever we were the only ones in there along with 2 barbers.He was very chuffed with his hair, but he needs to get the knack of blow driving  the front bit up higher. In the afternoon we popped over to a friends’ house – N’s tennis and school friend. Had a lovely afternoon chatting away to my friend. N said he couldn’t understand how mums have so much to say.

On Thursday we had the first busy day. The journey to Cambridge was a bit held up, but go there in plenty of time to spend the day there. Extinction Rebellion were in the city somewhere and there were other protests also going on – the city tour bus was diverted so had to cut the tour short, but other than that we didn’t see any of them. Cambridge is like a slightly less busy Oxford, although they also have traffic issues which we weren’t able to avoid even on the park and ride. Apart from the tour bus, we visited the Museum of Cambridge and had some nice lunch. Unfortunately it tipped it down with rain, too much to stay and mooch, so we headed back to the car and then the hotel. 

Once checked in, we went to the pool for a bit (I do love a swimming costume dryer) before relaxing in the room with a newspaper and Top Trumps, before it was time for dinner. One nice meal in the restaurant. I dd blow my keto diet and had carbs. 

Friday was a dry day (thankfully), and we had a busy day planned. Duxford Imperial War Museum to get on Concorde and see all the planes (N’s best ever visit evidently – great compliments as he normally moans about everywhere), then an afternoon at Wimpole Estate which was also good (no moans, apart from the size of the lunch queue). It then took 3 hours to get to our next hotel – adding an hour to the journey thanks to terrible traffic.

Saturday we didn’t have time to get in the pool, but had a nice breakfast before heading off towards Grimsby where we were going to see my friend while she was at her parents’ house. It was lovely to see them all again, and we spent the morning walking along the promenade in Cleethorpes at the beach, a bit of time in the amusement arcades, lunch, then back in the afternoon to chill out at the house. N and my godson get on really well, and I spent a bit of time doing the same jigsaw with his 2.5 year old sister, over and over again.

This week’s Project 52 photo was take on our sea front walk, a view of the pier at Cleethorpes.

pier at Grimsby sea front
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  1. We have some ER camps near us, on the meadows, they tend to come and camp there before they go into London. I get what they are doing, but I also find the chaos frustrating. I have never been to Cleethorpes, that is a gorgeous picture

    1. I agree, ER just cause chaos, do inappropriate things and really aren’t achieving more than others are doing without doing extreme protesting. Cleethorpes was v quiet when we were there this time of year, but we used to spend time there as children becaus emy mum’s family are from around there.

  2. Sounds like a good week! We love Wimpole Estate!

    Hubby works in Cambridge and he was getting frustrated with Extinction Rebellion when the roads were getting blocked off!

    Love the seafront picture!

    1. It was a lovely National Trust place. The traffic was awful in the city. The rain didn’t help as well as the diversions. Hopefully it’s all back to normal for him now.

  3. I can imagine your two pups are fun to watch together. Sounds like you had a lovely time away. I’ve never visited Cambridge but it does sound like a lovely city to explore. Glad you got to enjoy time at the beach and it looks like you had good weather for it judging from your photo. #project366

    1. It was just very blowy, but was dry. The pups are a nightmare together – led by ours. The in-laws’ dog is like a fluffy bear!

  4. Sounds like a fab week, visiting your friend and trips away, we were in London when the Extinction Rebellion was there, very little disruption to the City

    1. They’re a pain with our work, as they tend to be around Westminster, Houses of Parliament, and Defra, and that’s where lots of my colleagues head.

  5. What a busy week you have had. The war museum sound fab. I hope you had a lovely time visiting your friend. The photos are all fab this week. Glad the pup is settling in x

    1. The pups are loving life, although they’re a bit cheeky. Ours got out on the road through the hedge, so we’re going to have to block that off.

  6. Glad you had some good weather too. We found the traffic getting across Cambridge far worse than Oxford, and worse than I’ve ever known it there tbh. We love Wimpole, wish we’d gone back there rather than seeing Anglesey Abbey tbh. Duxford is fab, glad N enjoyed that #366

    1. Ah, we love Anglesey Abbey, although like all of NT places, better in summer. Think we were there at Easter. Extinction Rebellion had been in town all week so I don’t think the 2 road closures due to them helped. We only actually went in one day, so weren’t really impacted – the bus tour was cut short, and the park and ride was really delayed arriving in the city centre to pick us up to go back out. But we did sit in traffic for a long time despite the bus lanes. I knew it wouldn’t be worth trying to driving in especially if I needed to park. I’m just amazed that the park and ride buses finish at 8.30! No good for a night out.

  7. looks storm free at Cleethorpes, our beaches have been very high and stormy for a few weeks now.
    Nice to get some time away and catch up.
    Glad the pup is learning his role in life and barking when needed.

  8. It sounds like you have had a busy week.
    Well done on getting to the barber’s when it was empty!
    The war museum sounds brilliant!
    I hope you have a great time visiting your friend. Cleethorpes is on our list of places to visit! Fab photo x

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