Christmas came, it saw, it went

The run up seems so long for Christmas (then of course it gets closed and seems to then rush by), and then it’s over in a day.  If you’re lucky, you manage to drag it out a bit further.

The OH’s family always have a pub meal on Christmas eve, this year it was lunch so threw out N’s naptime a bit, but meant we had the evening free to start any traditional Christmas eve routines.  I had all these plans (new pjs, slippers, Christmas dvd and book), but N was so tired after having a pre-lunch nap, that it was straight to bed for him.

I did a stocking for him for the first time, although we didn’t say anything about Father Christmas visiting in case he got scared.  So it was a total surprise for him to have a stocking the next morning.  This is bound to be the last year he lies in – OH came in after feeding at 6.45ish, and N was still asleep.  He woke at 7.15 so then came into bed with me until his dad came in again to do the whole stocking thing.

He loved his wind up monkey torch…hopefully having his own will stop him playing with the large one in the hallway and breaking the switch.  He also got a Zhu zhu hamster.  He turns it on, then looks a bit scared at it – he doesn’t like it coming towards him, but then keeps switching it on.  Strange child.

The best stocking gift was his real harmonica.  Ok, he’s only coming up for 2, but his toy harmonica from a music set is just way too hard to get any sound come out.  This one has a lovely tone, and even the OH who’s not really musical managed to make it sound really good.  I’m thinking I might have to swipe it off N when he’s forgotten about it.

N’s not really been fussed about presents before.  He’s ignored the ones under the tree, and we ended up just opening a present every so often throughout the day.  He had some lovely presents – favourite obviously was the scale version tractor and trailer.  Although today he had 3 presents left to open including the My First Scooter from us, and he got straight on it.  I love the way toddlers just seem to know how to use things without actually being taught.  He doesn’t go very fast at the moment, but I’m sure that will come.  It is a really sturdy scooter.  I was expecting plastic, but it’s metal and will last as it changes from 4 to 3 and then to 2 wheels as they grow.

He had, unsurprisingly quite a lot of tractor themed items, so I’m sure once he gets round to properly playing and using all his gifts, he’ll become even more obsessed.  And really good at jigsaws (one of his new favourite words), as he had a few of those too.

My brother was meant to have been coming over for the day with my mum, but he had the dreaded lurgy so was too weak, so it was a fairly quiet one.  Although for tea we all traipsed over to the farm – think there were over 20 of us in the end.  The kids were obviously excited, but thankfully N didn’t get so worked up that he couldn’t sleep.  He loves having his cousins to chase round and ‘play’ with although that may all change once the youngest goes to school in September.

For us, Christmas (kind of) continues today as well.  The men all continue working throughout the Christmas holidays as the feeding still needs to be done on the farm, but we  quite often do (leftovers) teas at someone’s house with the family round again.  It’s nice to make the most of things and use up the leftovers.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are now looking forward to the new year.

I’ve linked this post up to the Christmas round up blog hop at Coombe Mill Blog here

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  1. Thanks for joining in the blog hop with what looks like a very special Christmas. Funny how some things on the farm have to carry on Christmas day or not! It was just the same for us but still a special part of the day.

    1. It does mean that we can’t really go elsewhere for Christmas, but luckily my family are only 7 miles away so it’s not a problem for them coming to us.

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