#300pbs picture book challenge week 6

300 Picture book challenge – week 6

I’m loving our 300 picture book challenge, as there’s just so many books to discover and enjoy.  It’s also great to get one on one time with N to sit together rather than doing other things as he plays.  I love that he’ll just wander off and go and root through some books to choose one…or 4.

N really seems to enjoy going to the library too.  We get a commentary as we walk there, and what we need to do.  The funniest is when he says ‘shh’ as we walk through the door. I don’t recall having told him to shh more than the first time, so that’s a pretty good memory.

This week, as well as the library, I’ve been trailing round a few charity shops for books.  We have about 10 charity shops in our town, but not that many have picture books.  Today though, I bought 8 picture books for 20p each from our Katharine House Hospice shop.  Absolute bargain, and a good amount of children’s books to choose from.

Here’s this week’s books, and how we’re doing against the challenge.

#300pbs picture book challenge week 6

  • Books this week: 14
  • Books to date: 88/300 (29%)

300 picture books

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  1. Awesome challenge. I’m a teacher so I always love hearing about parents reading to their kids. You are planting such important seeds! I have many fond memories of reading with my mama and daddy as a kid, and I’m sure your son will, too, when he is older! 🙂

    1. I agree. I love reading (the OH doesn’t really read) so I’m determined to get N started early and hopefully he’ll find books he really enjoys and continues as he gets older.

      Thanks for commenting

    1. It is a really cute one. Really stops you from putting off reading with your children when you’ve got other things to do. Taking up the challenge means there’s no excuse!

      Thanks for popping by

    1. Moomins were new to us in book format. Not sure about them, although was definitely different to any other book we have. The Kipper one was great though – will be looking out for more of those.

    1. We were amazed to see that only 5 weeks in, one person had already achieved the 300! I work full time, so was worried we’d struggle. But actually we do still read quite a lot in one sitting so it tallies up quickly. The hardest part is persuading N to allow new books into his repertoire.

      Thanks for coming by

  2. Love this challenge. You would love what we have where I live for books… a Goodwill Outlet. Literally bins of books for only 39 cents a pound!! It’s fantastic! I get tons of books there. Enjoy your challenge and have fun!! #SITSblogging

    1. Wow, bargain books. I love that.

      I’m looking forward to car boot season starting again. That’s always a good place for really cheap books. Now I just need to sort out the book shelves properly to store them all in.

      Thanks for coming by.

    1. You can never have too many books, and it’s a great challenge. Works well with picture books, as it’s hard to pick up one that’s really bad compared with novels.

      Thanks for popping by

    1. I can’t take the credit for it, but I’m really enjoying it after doing the 50 books challenge for myself this year. It’s a great chance to take time out with my son and get him into books.

      Thanks for commenting

  3. Loving the Moomin!! We have a few and though Jess’ interest sometimes wanes towards the end I’m sure we’ll get through one eventually!

    1. Yes, I think we definitely struggled to keep interest through it. I think the complicated names are both hard for me to read (I speak really quickly) and for N to follow who’s who. A bit like Meg & Mog books which I thought I used to like as a child, but they’re awful to read.

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