wanda and the alien go camping

Quirky Wanda and the Alien

N has his tv favourites, and although the new Wanda and the Alien launched at the end of August, we hadn’t yet spotted it on the schedules.  After being sent a book Wanda and the Alien go Camping, and some sample episodes to review, I think N has found another show he enjoys.

As soon as he spotted the dvds, they were removed from the sleeves and put into the dvd player.  This show is definitely a little quirky, but it’s bright, colourful and full of little characters.  Wanda and her Alien best friend have different adventures.  I guess it’s symbolising not only friendship, but friendship between different types of people, as well as Wanda introducing Alien to lots of new activities.

They do appear to get up to some magical activities as well – the show N liked watching best was ‘Rainbow Painting’; about taking rainbow colours and changing the colours of nature around them, confusing other animals.  As I say, a bit odd from an adult point of view, but N really got into the different episodes.

The show’s on weekend mornings on Milkshake, which is pretty much the only channel we have on for children’s programmes.

The book is more my cup of tea, and again N took to it straight away.  We’ve read it at bedtime on several occasions.

wanda and the alien bedtime story

The tv show has been created from the books, and for me, I prefer them.  I think you can create so many more voices and I find N is more interactive with books compared with the tv. In the book we have, Wanda wants to find somewhere to camp that’s not raining like on earth.  So they go and visit Alien’s planet – it’s not quite the place that Wanda visualised, but it works out in the end as they set up the tent.

There’s an educational aspect in the book, as Wanda teaches Alien about the best sort of places to camp and what to take with them…not a rubber ring like Alien packed!

wanda and the alien go camping

Sue Hendra’s characters are different to anything we’ve seen before, and hopefully introducing aliens and planets will encourage N to find out more about space and planets over time.

The tv show is on every Saturday and Sunday at 8.25am on 5 and you can buy the books from Amazon*


Disclosure: We received a Wanda and the Alien book, and some of the tv episodes for review.  All views and words are my own. *Affiliate link

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  1. Ahhh my youngest was on about this on Sunday morning….lol I didn’t have a clue what sh was on about. It all makes sense now. They do sound like colourful characters x

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