Gibsons Buckingham Palace jigsaw puzzle

The jigsaw puzzle bug – Gibsons Buckingham Palace puzzle

I think I’ve got into the jigsaw puzzle bug again. I used to do them a lot but then found I didn’t have time or space. But now I’m back into them, and just tend to do a small bit each evening while I’m waiting for N to come back from the farm for his bath.

This time I’ve been attempting a new Gibsons puzzle, Buckingham Palace which was launched around the time of Princess Charlotte’s birth, and the Queen’s birthday, showing the trooping of the colour celebrations. Gibsons have been making jigsaw puzzles and games in 1919. This 1000 piece was certain to keep me occupied.

Gibsons Buckingham Palace jigsaw puzzle

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I said that N could help this time because I thought it’d be easy for him picking out the edges, and then splitting it up into sky, flags, or palace. Needless to say after about 5 minutes helping, he’d given up and was flicking pieces all over the place. Grrr.

The puzzle looked like it should be pretty easy to complete because of the obvious themes of colours and figures that are easy to pick out and place. I do like puzzles where you can get things going quickly, although first time round I did struggle to fit some of the correct sky pieces together. The pieces don’t fit as seamlessly as I’d have liked, although they were fitted in the right places.

Buckingham Palace Gibsons jigsaw puzzle in progress

I’d got some way through it before I arrived back from the Britmums Live conference to find my puzzle had been broken up, and used as hay in one of N’s toy trailers. I wasn’t pleased, although he seemed oblivious to the trauma he’d created from wrecking my half completed jigsaw. Of course the benefit of the break up is that it’s always quicker the second time around. In just an hour I’d got back to where I’d got to before, and added a bit.

I’ve just about finished it now – Buckingham Palace itself was the biggest challenge. I have found it hard to pull apart pieces I’d put in the wrong place – you know when the top bit of paper pops up/loose? I don’t know whether this is down to the recycled materials it’s made of.

close up of Trooping the colour jigsaw puzzle

The good things about the Gibsons puzzle are:

  1. The box is a reasonable size for sorting pieces in;
  2. There’s a good clear picture to follow on the front of it;
  3. The artwork on the puzzle itself is detailed, clear and easy to follow.
  4. It’s made in the UK from recycled cardboard.

One handy tip – if you struggle to get your box to stand up how you want, try one of these box stands. They’re a helpful puzzle aid. And my portapuzzle is invaluable for doing puzzles on.

You can buy Gibsons puzzles from Amazon.

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