300 picture books challenge – week 16

Just a quick one this week as short on time.  We’ve got through more books than I thought, and have now run out of new books, having read all the library books we borrowed as top speed, and have run out of charity shop purchases.

We did buy 4 books at a car boot sale today, although it was quite disappointing in what was available.  N was happy though, and we’ve read them all today already…5 books today to add to next week’s total!

300pbs week 16 a

300pbs week 16 bThis week’s tallies:

  • Books read: 21
  • Books read to date: 243 (81%)

300 picture books


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  1. We’ll have to get the Kipper books too – love Mick Inkpen’s Wibbly Pig ones so sure these would be great too. Marvin Gets Mad looks good as well. Little Miss loves a ‘baa baa’! #300PBs

    1. Ah we’ve just picked up one of the Wibbly Pig ones from the library this week, so will see how that one goes down.
      Thanks for stopping by

    1. It’s basically about a knight and his horse wanting to shirk duties, they get given wishes that they waste by accident. But they end up wanting the life they had before. Guess the message is about being happy with what you have (very deep for a picture book!)

  2. Oh Kipper! I remember that book from my childhood, adding it to the list of books to buy 🙂 x

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