Picture book challenge

300 picture books – Week 3

We’ve had a relatively slow week on books this week.  N’s not been too keen to read in the mornings, and he also decided he wasn’t keen on some of last week’s library books.  So several went back unread, and swapped for another ten.

We also had a trip to The Works for some wrapping paper, so picked up 4 picture books for a fiver there, ready for the next week of reading.

Picture book challenge

So, N has discovered Charlie & Lola – he seems to just like sitting with that book.  And the fairy story omnibus was a christening present.  There’s not many pictures, but he quite likes to hear the stories although personally I think they’re a bit odd and not really like the stories I remember as a child.  They’re definitely not as exciting or interesting to read as proper picture books.  I do think the illustrations really bring a book to life when you’re reading something really basic.

  • Books read week 3: 12
  • Books read total: 50/365 (13.7%)
  • Days: 18/365 (4.9%)
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  1. Little goose looks lovely! I’m loving seeing new books on this linky to look out for at the library. Thanks

    1. Definitely good to see lots of new books. Especially valuing the library, as they’ve got so much more than book shops that you’ve never heard of. little goose is quite sweet, although be prepared for some tongue twister reading.

  2. I’ve always avoided anything ‘tv’ character oriented, but he’s never watched C&L. The library seems to have quite a few of the books, and he chose this one.

  3. I do love that Father Christmas is there – we end up reading Twas the Night Before Christmas all year round! We’re really enjoying this challenge, too, which I’ll post about next week.

  4. Wow! 300 picture books in a year! We have so many books at home that we could definitely do something like this, I may have to do it next year. I’ll be keeping an eye on your posts for some more book inspiration! 🙂

    1. You can join in at any stage. We’re only 3 weeks in, and I think you can phase it if you join later. It’s definitely a great way of finding new books.

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