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Our magic moments of 2013 – a chance for family fun

I know, I know, 2013’s been and gone, but as part of a ‘Moments that Mattered ’ campaign with Lloyds Bank, I’ve been able to pull together some special moments for us last year, that hopefully we’ll look back on time after time.

2013 was an important year to us, and probably not one we’d want to have gone through.  However, having my mum go through her illness did mean as a family we made much more effort to get together and try and make the most of the time we had together.

With all of us living within a 7 mile radius it meant N could spend lots of time with his Grandma, and his uncle who he’d usually see less of.  No reason, just that when you have your own families, friends and work, it’s hard to make time for everyone you want to see.

N loved being with his Grandma and she him, and he was truly lucky to have his Grandma so close.  When we were small, our grandparents were either an hour away or 2 ½ hours away so we didn’t see them often.  In 2013 we were seeing my family pretty much every week.

N got up to all sorts – from last year where we did the Christmas displays, via his birthday and his Grandma buying him his balance bike, through the summer at home where my mum and brother spent time with him while he played in the paddling pool.  Not forgetting the beautiful day we had visiting the penguins at Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Although it was a sad year, it was also one filled with memories, and one to look back on and say we made my mum’s last year enjoyable and filled with family fun.

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Disclosure: This post is part of a Moments that Mattered campaign with Lloyds Bank. I received payment for taking part in the campaign, but all writing is my own.

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