school books on table.

Year 3 school days in April

Whoa, April seems so long ago now, but I realised I’ve not done an April School days update. There was plenty going on, so I didn’t want to forget about the month.


The Easter run up at school is always busy. They always have an Easter church service on the last afternoon at school, which this year I didn’t make. And not forgetting the annual egg roll competition. Each child brings in a hard boiled decorated egg, then each year has their egg roll down the playground with the furthest winning a prize. Much hilarity this year when N’s teacher cheated by winning with one of the children’s eggs instead of his own.

Target assembly

Our school do targets with the objectives for maths and literacy that they work through over the year. The children have to prove they can understand and show they’ve completed their objectives for the work they do. Once they’re in key stage 2 they have to hit more targets to achieve their certificates.

This time N got his silver, along with the others in his year. The children always look so chuffed to receive their certificate in target assembly and they line up for parents to take their photos once everyone’s received theirs. N’s usually half hiding behind his certificate, or looking at his neighbour as he stands there.

school books on table.

Sponsored book read

Another month, another fund raising effort and this time it was a sponsored read. Hmmm, not one that N was going to really get on board with. He didn’t even bother doing much fund raising. Just asked me and his uncle and didn’t even bother with the rest of the family.

As you know N doesn’t do much any reading outside of school unless it’s homework, and even then that’s very little. Unless he’s bought a new book and he’ll read some in the car on the way home (never to be picked up again unless it’s for a bedtime story). Over the month, he did manage to read 2 proper books, both books out of the library at school. Luckily they do quite a bit of reading in class. I couldn’t even get him to read any of his weekly newspaper (that was a waste of time subscribing) as part of the sponsored read. Sigh.

Summer shorts

Post Easter means going back to school in shorts. Usually N moans and refuses for a couple of days, but this year he’s all for it. Probably because so many of the boys like to wear shorts all year round. Evidently it makes them ‘tough’. Cold, more like.

Swimming troubles

N got a bit upset the first week back after swimming. The changing rooms at the pool are small, so they have to go in 2 stages. N was in the 2nd group, but the 1st were told off – seemingly for being too noisy and taking their time. N’s group were sent in but then he thought they got caught up in a group 1 ‘come and see me at break tomorrow’.

He gets himself a bit worked up when he thinks he’s getting into trouble, even though I explained that he could just check with the teacher if his group were involved in that. The next day it was all ok because it was only for the 1st group. So he was relieved and happy enough that he wasn’t losing his break time.

It’s hard to put yourself back in their position because while I know an 8 year old me would have worried about the same thing, nowadays it seems to logical to speak to the teacher and get clarification or argue a point. Things N will have to learn as he grows older. Hopefully he will learn to be more assertive without pushing things too far.

So April is well over, and May is looking to be even busier in this short summer half term.

How is school going for your children?

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