Wasgij original 3 full monty fever solution

Wasgij Original 3 Full Monty Fever puzzle solution

With a nod to the film, Wasgij Original 3 Full Monty Fever shows a box image of a line of women in the street waiting to check out the view. But what are they watching.

One of the original range, they’re all about working out what scene one of the box image characters sees. In this case, a bevvy of semi naked builders, dancing in the streets with a marching band playing next to them.

Wasgij original 3 full monty fever solution

This Full Monty Fever puzzle is one of the early Wasgij puzzles, having been re-released as one of the retro range. Usually I find the older puzzles really difficult, but this wasn’t too hard to work out. With buildings, marching band uniforms and instruments, denim and various body colours, there were plenty of large areas that could be built up quite easily. Then it was a case of filling in the gaps.

If you’re looking to understand how to do a Wasgij without looking at the solution, then I have a step by step Wasgij puzzle guide on how I do them, plus you can find all my other Wasgij completed puzzles there too.

Wasgij Retro original 3 Full Monty Fever

Which Wasgij puzzles are your favourites?

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