reaching down to the ground below autumn tree

Project 52 2020 week 44 – reaching down

Another week of Project 52, and more changes afoot with restrictions and lockdowns. Oxford city has gone into tier 2 with no mixing indoors, however our area which has higher cases – mainly in the towns) hasn’t gone in yet.

Onto this week’s round up for week 44.

On Sunday I finished my rag wreath. I’m pretty pleased with it, although I’m not sure the OH will want it up in the house, and our front door open to the elements so it can’t really go outside.

Monday was the start of half term, although I was still working most of the week. N helped me make tea – he loves making salads. Very handy when you’re working right up to the wire. N pointed out that usually we’d be staying in a hotel at this time of year. So he was missing having daily fried breakfasts.

On Tuesday it was just another work day. N pottered around at home, took the dog for walks and played on his Xbox.

Wednesday N decided he wanted to start making Farming Simulator game videos. So I had to help him set up, then teach him how to edit videos. He wasn’t happy with the videos so ended up deleting them all. He’s obviously a bit of a perfectionist! He also had his individual tennis session. They’re now working on backhands which are definitely needed, having not been worked on this term.

On Thursday I had a half day flexi in the afternoon. We went to a nearby farm shop to order our turkey for Christmas. If we can’t get together with family, then I’ll be dropping off a plated up turkey dinner for my brother and we’ll have a lot of leftovers. Or the dogs will be happy!

Friday was a day off for me, and was a busy one. N had a holiday individual tennis lesson in the morning. It was a good lesson and they’re really trying to build up more of the strokes as a matchplay strategy, and his serves are more consistent too.

My car tyre pressure light and message had come on, after it had been on a month ago until I pumped up the tyres. I reckoned I must have had a slow puncture and managed to get a slot at Kwik Fit to get it looked at while we were at N’s optician’s appointment. So we dropped the car off, walked up through town to his eye test. Town was pretty busy – like a normal Saturday would have been, I was surprised. Lots of people were in masks even walking round outside, and there was too long a queue for the bank (I had to go back afterwards to pay in a cheque when the queue was shorter). It was a good job I took the car in. Evidently there were multiple punctures.

His eye test was also a visual stress test, as school had suggested coloured overlays to help with the speed of his reading and stop him losing his place. So I paid for the non NHS test to check out if there were further issues and he was using the correct overlay. 90 minutes later and blurry eyes until later that evening, he now has the best overlay for him, having seen a huge difference in the test, and no need for glasses. Apart from his overlay aid, his eyes are pretty much like mine were as a child. I just need to wait for the report which can go into school; hopefully this will really help his reading and make it a bit more enjoyable.

Saturday was a quite day at home. I started a new puzzle, read a short book and started another, helped N try some more video editing.

We watched Boris’s very late briefing on the upcoming lockdown. I think they’re waited too long to lockdown – it should have been from two weeks ago!, but it’s now from 5th November until 2nd December. Schools stay open, but I’m gutted for N’s tennis as he had 4 tournaments and matches left through to the end of November. He’ll get in tomorrow’s but the rest of the matches will be finished for the rest of the season. He’ll have only played one tournament due to missing the earlier one due to tonsillitis. It sounds like he’ll still be able to do individual lessons, although the OH will probably say no to him going. I wonder if their school clubs will continue or if it will only be normal school hours.

This week’s Project 52 photo was a random one I took at tennis while I was waiting, and just mucking around with my phone.

reaching down to the ground below autumn tree

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  1. Well done with the rag wreath, I had to click through to see. Wish I was any good at making things like you are. Daily fried breakfasts are the best hopefully you will be at a hotel again soon. Love the colour of the leaves in your photo.

    1. Crafts are fine when you’ve got something to aim for. If I’m having to totally start from scratch with my imagination…well, let’s just say I’ve had some interesting failures.

  2. Good news on the eye test, I am having mine done next week. I pay cheques in online these days through my app – might be worth looking into

  3. Great news on the eye test and the overlays. I agree with lockdown as much as we wanted to get away for half term. I can really see this now until Spring with it not being lifted over Christmas. And I am confused by the fact that some things are staying open. Love the rag wreath! I also need to sort out the food for Christmas we are working on the fact it will just be the four of us.

  4. I’ve noticed more and more people out and in the stores when I’ve been walking Bob, I wear my mask when I’m outside in busy areas, it’s the law in Dubai to wear it outside also so good practice for me to get used to

  5. Agree that if they were going to do a lockdown then the lockdown should have happened a couple of weeks ago.

    Shame about the tennis….Bee’s karate have gone back to online again

  6. The overlay tests sounds quite long but worthwhile.
    Nice he wants to help around the kitchen.
    Yes we were in an area that was restricted during the holidays but still allowed any booked trips to go ahead so was pointless really.

  7. We went into tier 2 today and then there was the annoucement about the national lockdown. I think it should have happened a few weeks ago too. That is a shame that N won’t be able to do his tennis tournaments.
    Your rag wreath looks fab. So pretty. Your hubby is a spoil sport. Hmmf.
    It sounds like N has been great at amusing himself.
    Fab photo! x

    1. They could have done the lockdown before half term, at least giving the schools a break too. Although I suppose people would have moaned lots aobut being locked down during half term. I don’t think they can win.

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