Primark Easter decorations

Project 52 2024 week 5

It’s week 5 of the year, and the week ended with 14C warmth, so warm it was too hot in my coat. Here’s our Project 52 for this week.

Sunday – binge watched quite a few Traitors Australia episodes.  I’m loving it now I’ve got into them. Didn’t do much otherwise, some puzzle, some reading, some sorting out a few bits from my work corner.

Monday – we’re a Covid free house again. I was really tired most of the day. N somehow got a mistaken identity, with a school detention for being removed from class. Except he wasn’t, so I’ve checked via another parent, and a an email has gone to school.  They’d better remove that from his class charts, and he definitely won’t be attending it. I’m sure the head of year will know straight away that’s not very N.

Tuesday – school had Ofsted in. I made a start clearing out my jigsaws. It takes too long to sell them on, and I sold a bulk of them a while back, so the rest can just go to the charity shop. 

Wednesday – started to declutter my remaining jigsaws that I’ve finished with. I need to dig them all out from under the bed, but I reckon that’ll be 20 gone. I can’t be bothered to spend time trying to sell those so will just charity shop them at the weekend.  It was HPV vaccination at school. N said it hurt more than the covid jabs, but only for a few seconds.

Thursday – the ‘detention’ was sorted, although the teacher insisted that N standing there, wasn’t N. It really was mistaken identity. My free Samsung earbuds arrived that were one of the offers when I bought my mobile phone. Now I’ve just got to keep them charged for when I need them. Just waiting for the cashback to arrive now.  

Friday – didn’t have to demist the car this morning after getting in it like yesterday. That’s the only annoying thing about my new car. It mists up way too easily, and then takes forever to demist. Work was a short day. It was pretty cold at N’s tennis, colder than expected. We ended up making 3 different sausage meals for tea. The OH will only eat sausage and mash, I was doing sausage and bean cassoulet for me, and N decided he wanted toad in the hole. So he made the latter – his first ‘yorkshire pudding’ type batter.

Saturday – second Saturday with no football, so I could get everything done I needed to. Went to get threading done, visited the farm shop, bakery market stall, picked up some nice desk and cupboard organisers from Primark’s new homeware range, dropped parcels off at 2 parcelshops, did charity shop drop off, and got petrol. Then a relaxing afternoon before we’re due to go out for a friend’s birthday meal.

Primark Easter decorations

Things I’ve enjoyed:

  • Australian Traitors. I binged it, loved it.
  • Giant cookies baked by N
  • A free Saturday to get all the things done I needed to 

Things I’m grateful for:

  • OH is Covid clear.
  • My free earbuds – and they fit nicely in my ears.
  • Being able to declutter lots of puzzles and clothes to the charity shop.

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  1. I’ve not seen Traitors, think I’m too late to it now. Glad to hear the detention was sorted, mistaken identity is too common I’m afraid. Lovely to have a free weekend from football and well done with the decluttering.

  2. Glad N’s detention was sorted, we have had that a couple of times but an email normally sorts it out. What car have you got?
    The weather has been a bit hit and miss on the coast, the wind is keeping the temp down

  3. I’m glad you got the detention sorted – possibly staff are a little on edge with ofsted being about. I hope you enjoy your earbuds. I’d be lost without mine now!

  4. What a mess up with detention, for me this seems very unprofessional, but it’s good that you sorted that out.
    Your Saturday was very productive indeed.

  5. Glad you got the detention sorted out for N, I had a few messages from my sons school saying he wasn’t in class a few times, and it turned out he was and the teacher just hadn’t marked him on the register! Honestly was a mad panic getting that and trying to figure out where he was!
    Glad OH is covid free, hopefully the rest of you avoid it.

  6. This weather is crazy, one day freezing then the next so warm.
    I hope you get the detention wiped off the class charts for N. I remember getting an email years ago about my eldest getting a detention and it was a case of mistaken identity. There was no way my eldest would back chat a teacher.
    That is great that you got some free Samsung earbuds.
    It sounds like you have such a productive Saturday when there’s no football. Ohh! I will have to have a look in Primark if they have new homeware in. x

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