easy air fryer omelette recipe

How to cook omelette in an air fryer

Another of those ‘why not cook an xyz on the hob?’ which turns out quite well in the air fryer. Yes, an omelette on the hob is really easy and fast. But you have to stand there. If you want to tidy up, clean around the kitchen while you’re cooking, you can’t do that if cooking on the stove. So cooking this air fryer omelette recipe means you can prepare your favourite lunch or breakfast recipes while doing something else at the same time.

easy air fryer omelette recipe

I just cook this egg recipe for one person, but if there’s two of you, double up the ingredients.  I would do each in turn to make sure it’s evenly divided then sync to cook. But you can easily just pour the eggs into the 2 drawers, and then add the toppings and swirl around in there. Then match your start time to cook both drawers together.

People do ask how you stop the lighter toppings from swirling around inside while the air fryer is cooking. That’s super easy. Make it more like a frittata, and combine the ingredients with the egg rather than just adding on top.

These air fryer omelettes don’t look pretty but are great for using up whatever veg or cooked meat you have in the fridge.

I added diced red pepper and cherry tomatoes, ham. and of course cheese. I used cheddar, but topping with a few chunks of mozzarella might be nice too. You might also add some salt and black pepper.

All air fryers cook differently so do keep an eye on how it’s cooking. You might need to leave it for less time, or on a lower temperature. 

omelette cooked in the air fryer

Do you need to use air fryer liners?

There’s no need because with a wipe of oil on the bottom of the drawer, the omelette easily slides out once cooked.

However, if you’re cooking in silicone liners it might take longer to cook through fully. You can also use paper liners, although I found the omelette sticks to the paper, and it’s harder to do a swirl around part way through.

How to make air fryer omelette

Serves: 1
Prep time:
Cook time: 12 minutes


For one person

  • 3 medium eggs
  • Toppings of choice, cheese, shredded ham, tomatoes, peppers
  • Seasoning to taste

Topping ingredients: diced bell pepper, grated cheese, quartered cherry tomatoes, spinach. But you could add whatever you wanted – I’d usually add some chopped up ham too.

Equipment: to make it easier to get your delicious air fryer omelet out, try 1lb cake liners (optional), and wipe a little oil over the air fryer basket first.


1. Beat eggs in a bowl, then add the other diced or chopped ingredients. Season with salt and pepper to preferred taste. You can make this recipe with whole eggs or just egg whites.

omelette ingredients

2. Line your air fryer drawer if using. If not, wipe a little oil in the bottom of the drawer (remove the crisper plate).

3. Gently pour in your egg mix and swirl to make even.

omelette in the air fryer

4. Set to air fry on 180C for 13 minutes.

5. Open and gently stir. Then continue cooking until fully cooked through.

7. Remove from the drawer, and serve with green salad (or chips if you’re not looking for a healthy meal!)

air fryer omelette

What would be your preferred omelette toppings or fillings of choice?

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  1. After trying the dippy eggs and loving them I think I am going to have to try this too. I do love and omelette, they really are great for using random things up out of the fridge. x

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