how to make air fryer dippy eggs

How to make air fryer soft boiled eggs

If you like eggs, you’re never going to be short of something to eat as they’re so versatile. Usually I have them scrambled, or an omelette. With the occasional ‘cheat’s poached egg (microwaved version). But now I’ve got a Ninja air fryer, I can have dippy eggs anytime without having to work out timings in a pan of water.  Scroll down for how to make air fryer soft boiled eggs.

how to make air fryer dippy eggs

When people first hear about air fryer dippy eggs, the questions start. But in short, yes you can cook soft boiled eggs in the air fryer.  

Do eggs explode if you cook them in the air fryer?

No. Eggs are quite happy being cooked in there. Just get your temperature right and don’t overcook more than you need and they’ll be good.

Do you need to prick eggs for ‘boiling’ in the air fryer?

Evidently you don’t need to prick eggs before cooking them in the air fryer. But I always like to err on the side of caution (I prick them for going in the multi egg boiler as it says, so do the same for the air fryer). I just prick the fatter end and layer them in the drawer on the crisper tray so they’re slightly sticking that end up.

Don’t you need water to make soft boiled eggs?

If you’re boiling them in a pan, then yes. In the air fryer, the air just circulates around to cook them.

Isn’t it just as easy to boil them in water in a pan?

Sure, it’s slightly shorter at six minutes to soft boil an egg, but that means a pan to get out (and wash up), water to boil, and remembering (or looking up) the correct length of time for the different levels of set eggs.  With an air fryer, just prick the end, put as many eggs as you want in the drawer, set the time and temperature and turn the air fryer on.

eggs and soldiers

Should eggs be at room temperature before airfrying?

They can be put straight out of the fridge into the air fryer. If yours are at room temperature, you might want to reduce the time slightly if yours come out a bit over soft boiled.

How to peel eggs from the air fryer?

If you’re cooking soft boiled eggs, you don’t need to peel them. Just put them in egg cups, cut the top off and dip your toast fingers in.

If you want to peel them anyway, or are making hard boiled eggs instead, you’ve several options for peeling eggs. Always start by running or immersing them in cold water to stop them cooking further.

  1. Gently roll them on a work surface to crack the shell all over, then easily peel off.
  2. Put in a glass tumbler or jar with water, cover with a lid or your hand, then shake the jar until the shell comes off in the jar.
  3. Take the shell off the ‘air pocket’ end, then insert a dessert spoon between the egg and shell and rotate the egg to move the shell off with the spoon.

Or I get satisfaction from just removing the air pocket end, then gently peeling off chunks of shell. It’s easier if you peel straight away.

soft boiled eggs and dipping soldiers of toast

How to make air fryer soft boiled eggs

Serves: as many as you need
Cook time: 7 minutes


  • Eggs – medium sized
  • Bread and butter to make toast fingers (or try grilled halloumi strips)


  1. Prick the fat end of your egg once (optional). 
  2. Put the eggs into your air fryer drawer
  3. Air fry at 170C for 7 minutes.

Once cooked remove straight away to eat as they will continue cooking a bit afterwards. Serve with toast soldiers, sprinkle the open egg with a little salt and pepper to taste if you want.

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