Samsung S23 dud delivery

Project 52 2024 week 1

It’s the start of another year, and time to decide whether to continue with Project 52. I’m planning to, but am thinking of having a little bit of a re-structure. I love taking part because it’s a good excuse to read other people’s blogs and get to know them a bit more about them. 

It’s also a great way to stop being lazy on the blog when I’m stuck for things to write. Because I can’t miss a week, so the blog is always updated. 

But I’m thinking I’ll do more of a weekly round up rather than each day’s goings on (because they’re generally not that exciting unless I’m off work or doing theatre trips). I think I’ll combine the week with things I’ve loved, I’m grateful for, or recommendations for the week.

If you want to join in, the options are Project 365, a photo a day and what’s been going on in the week. Or a photo for the week and Project 52. Some people do a monthly round up. But as long as it’s on a theme of what’s been going on in the week or month, then do link up.

Here’s my week 1 thoughts, starting Monday (as that was the 1st of 2024) to Saturday..

What’s been going on?

Monday – new mobile phone disaster. It wouldn’t switch on, buttons didn’t depress, sim tray wouldn’t come out, couldn’t remove the screen ‘sticker’, and it wouldn’t charge as the cable wouldn’t go all the way in. 

Tuesday – waiting around for the recovery of my car. Finally arrived 4 hours after my slot. The error code said air filter blockage, although the guy said it didn’t look too bad. He couldn’t see anything else looking wrong, so hopefully it’s reset. But I want to get rid now because it doesn’t feel safe, and I don’t know if it’s actually fixed it long term.

Wednesday – I reserved a car. I don’t muck around. I test drove the car, checked other colour and age options in the dealer group. But they’d take ages, weren’t that good a deal for mileage and newer age, and would cost extra money to get them delivered. My new replacement phone also turned up. It’s perfect. Yes. the first one sent was definitely not a live phone! 

Football training was back on, and they started with the bleep test. A bit of a killer for the first training back after Christmas.

Thursday – Back to work for me. A quiet day getting everything in order. N cooked chilli for tea, although I had to do the rice as he wasn’t sure about the pan method.

Friday – new car day. It was a bit of a faff, but all sorted, and now have my new car. They even half filled the petrol tank which was better than I expected.  I’m now having hassles with John Lewis who are refusing my phone return because they said they don’t sell those. That’s an issue they need to sort with Samsung who provided a dud phone in a sealed box to them to sell. It shouldn’t be my issue! Sigh.

Saturday – we were off to the other side of Worcester for a football match. New car, new satnav, and we ended up in the middle of the city rather than the outskirts, so we were a bit late. But we got to see everything underwater where the flooding of the river happened. It was a good match from our boys. They won 2-0. Nice to get a clean sheet, and N won man of the match. 

The rest of the day I spent trying to get my blog fixed which had been screwed due to some strange database issue since the previous evening (an hour after support for my blog hosts had finished of course). They’ve restored back but couldn’t work out what the issue was which is a bit worrying.  

Didn’t take many pictures, but I’m glad I took this one of the dud phone to prove what was delivered to me.

Samsung S23 dud delivery

Things I’ve enjoyed:

  • Reading – I’m over the Christmas books, so back to normal all year round themes.
  • New t-shirts for N – he only has 4 left that fit, so we’ve been ordering lots to replace. I love how boys clothes sizes just fit.
  • Trying out new things in the air fryer.

Things I’m grateful for:

  • N’s meal plan for the week. It was delayed a day due to them being out. But it’s always nice to have someone cook, even if I have to help and then clear up.
  • A new phone that works
  • A new car – no more panicking about things breaking, or multiple warning lights.
  • Easing my way back into work with only 2 days.

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  1. I remember participating in Project 365 & 52 back when I was into photography; it was such a fun project! Congrats on your new phone and car! It’s a bummer your previous ones were acting up but it’s nice to have an upgrade. I’m currently shopping for a new car myself and am super excited to start booking some test drives later this month.

    1. Test drives are so much fun. The last time I did one, you had the salesperson with you, but now post covid, it’s strange going out alone.

  2. Glad you’ve managed to sort out a new car so quickly, and a new phone too! Hope you manage to get your phone return sorted out. Well done to N and his team on their win. Love that you’re sharing the things you’re grateful for as well. Lovely that N likes to help with cooking. #project365

  3. Well done to N and the team with the win and N being man of the match. Grrr to the phone, you’re right it’s John Lewis’s fault, not yours. Hope it’s sorted soon. Enjoy the new car.

  4. I like the idea of your weekly round up.
    Oh no! What a week you have had with the phone and your car. There really was no messing around with you getting a new one. I hope you get everything with John Lewis sorted about the phone.
    Well done to N with the cooking! x

  5. Sounds a bit of a nightmare with the phone. Hope your return is accepted. I wasn’t sure about project 365 again as my life isn’t that interesting with just mainly toddler groups and food…. but like you it keeps my blog updated.

    Happy New Year!

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