Costa hot milkshake drink

Project 52 2024 week 2

Week 2 of 2024 and Project 52 for the year. Finally the winds have died down, it’s got a bit chillier, and it’s back to school week. Here’s my Project 52.

Sunday – I’ve been listening to a week long declutter challenge, and decided to start today. Old make up and jewellery, spare buttons all cleared out and gone for recycling, in charity shop bag or in the bin. And mugs and glass ramekins also seriously cut down as well.  I’d cut down more, but the mugs aren’t all mine!

Monday – I had a day off as it was an inset day. Of course he didn’t do the project work he needed to do, and I had chores to sort out. My car keys don’t seem to work properly to took those in to get the batteries changed, and hopefully it’ll be solved. I did a charity shop, and bottle bank run. Then tried to sort out an incorrect clothes order with no success on either email, or unanswered customer service line.

Tuesday – back to work, and it was hard work getting up so early for the school bus drop off. Got dippy eggs sorted in the air fryer which is good news for easy lunches. And breakfasts.

Wednesday – Thankfully all the phone return issues were sorted out. Phew. Before work started I did 20 minutes clearing out my underwear and sock drawers, some unread books I’ll likely never get to, and one of the downstairs cupboards. I shall do a drawer each day, then it’ll be an attempt to start on my wardrobe. 

Thursday – cleared another drawer. T shirts/tops, so have another load to sell, a bag of rags, and bag for charity shop. I’m gradually making room. But it’s all the different size jeans I have that I struggle for space with. I might need an under the bed drawer just for those. We were expecting the OH’s (late) birthday present to be delivered at around 7.30, but the driver was still tracking near Southampton at that time. Sigh. I hate people delivering late, and I’d already moaned about that to them. I don’t reckon they’ll have arrived by their 9pm delivery finish time.

Friday – nice short day at work. More decluttering, more listing on Vinted. I found my income reports from the last 3 years I’ve been selling on there. First year (lockdown declutter, when I lost lots of weight), I sold 169 items. Even selling that amount I only made £500. It’s so easy to have a clear out and have lots to sell (including in my case lots of new items because I’ve bought thinking I’d fit into them and then not). So the government could be approaching a lot of people wondering if they’re trading.

First tennis lesson back – let’s just say it’s been a long break and it showed. Plus there was a lot of chatting and laughing going on.

Saturday – an early away football match for N. Our nearest opponents, and it was an obliteration for our team. Even though the home team claimed a 2nd goal when they reported the results. Cheeky things. Dropped off more Vinted parcels, and cleared out some recipe books to go to charity. While in town we nipped into Costa to try one their new hot milkshakes. They were ok but too sickly once you were near the bottom, and poor value vs a normal hot chocolate.

Costa hot milkshake drink

Things I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • Decluttering – I’m finally making space for things that are out.
  • Vinted – so far no-one’s annoying me too much
  • Fool Me Once on Netflix – I’m nearly finished, and it’s been good.
  • Watching a big win at football.

Things I’m grateful for:

  • My vehicle/road tax refund for the rest of the year. All of £27.50. And being able to pay it in via my banking app rather than trying to get to the bank on a Saturday while at football!
  • Only needing a small food shop this week as we’ve got plenty of stuff in the larder to use up.
  • The OH’s birthday present turning up in good shape. Now just to build it.

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  1. The declutter challenge sounds like a good idea. I need to do another clear-out! A little bit each day is a good way of doing it. Glad you got your phone issues sorted out. I tried the hot milkshakes at the weekend and had similar views on them. I’m glad I tried one, but I don’t think I’ll get them again. #project365

    1. That’s what I liked about the challenge I did. It’s all about small manageable steps. One example was mugs. Then shoes. So you can do the bits that work for you.

  2. OH birthday gift sounds interesting if it needs building, glad it got delivered in the end. I can’t be doing with selling items online, I just drop everything off for charity, although it’s getting harder to do so, with booking a time slot to drop off at most places these days. The hot chocolates always look nice but I never enjoy them so just don’t bother. Hope the 2nd goal was removed from the other team, cheeky.

    1. The charity shops round here are thankfully still ok to drop at, but don’t open til 10. So I can never get there as need to be at football by 10.30 and it’s a bit tight. So could be driving around for a while with a full boot, or might have to take stuff to a different place.

  3. That hot milkshake looks delicious! I feel a wee jaunt to Costa is on the cards 🙂
    I’ve also been decluttering this week I always do a post Christmas clear out, its great getting rid of things- I just need to make sure not fill it back up with stuff now x

    1. Always nice to feel a bit more space. I worry about filling the bins too fast though, so have to space it out. Hope yours goes well.

  4. Sounds like you got a fair amount of decluttering done. I really need to do some before the husband gets back.

    I loved the Costa hot chocolates but boycotting them. But when they did do the special ones I did often find them sweet.

    1. Yes, I’m never that keen on any flavoured hot chocolates. They always smell nicer than they taste.
      The decluttering is an ongoing thing. The wardrobe is going to be the hard one. So many pairs of jeans of various sizes. But when I lose weight I’ll need them otherwise it costs a fortune to replace.

    1. So hard to start. Little and often is the challenge followed. And don’t feel you have to throw everything. So it was interesting compared to others.

  5. I have been decluttering over the past week too. I need to cut down our mugs but they are all special one’s which hold memories, it’s so hard.
    I am going to try dippy eggs in my air fryer this week.
    I have seen those hot milkshakes on TikTok and I don’t get them. Surely hot flavoured milk is a hot chocolate. They do look nice though. x

    1. We don’t even drink tea or coffee in our house (OH only over at the farm), so it’s only hot chocolate drunk here. And if people come over wanting tea/coffee. I should probably cull more, but I might get rid of our Denby tea cups and saucers as I don’t think they’ve ever been used in 20 years as we just use mugs.
      The hot milkshakes are nicer than flavoured milkshakes, evidently it’s because they use power that makes them milkshake rather than hot chocolate. But they’re expensive, and at the bottom are too sweet so you can’t really drink that bit. They look pretty amazing though.

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