2 yellow terraced houses

Project 52 2024 week 4

The week that promised so much, with sports, parents evening, first theatre trip of the year. And flunked at the end thanks to lurgy in the house. Here’s our week 4 of Project 52.

Sunday – 13th birthday time. A quiet one mostly spent out on the farm, while I was left with his dehydrating bananas going in the air fryer. 

Monday – back to work and school. The electricity board were meant to be turning the electricity off for the morning, so I went into the office which was so quiet in there. But turned out it wasn’t turned off anyway. So I’ll have to keep a watch out for another date it’s happening.

Tuesday – quiet day working. I tried an omelette in the air fryer which worked ok. The only benefit is really that you can do other things at the same time as cooking it. And it stayed hotter for longer. I managed to declutter my ‘gift’ bag of items that won’t ever now be gifted. So that’s more stuff to go for the primary school PTA hamper raffles.

Wednesday – I couldn’t drop off all my Vinted parcels as the Yodel drop shop had no working machine. But still managed to do the Evri parcels elsewhere, and treated myself to a deli shop panini for lunch.

Thursday – it was the first face to face parents evening for us at secondary school. We saw pretty much everyone we know with children in the school. It wasn’t as chaotic as I’d expected, although one teacher was speaking really slowly in the middle of our slots, and running 10 minutes late which meant we were then late for all of our others. There were no surprises, plus some handy tips for N (all of which I’ve been saying!) 

Friday – we have Covid in the house again (the OH this time). N had a headache but tested negative, and the OH didn’t want him spreading covid at school so he stayed off (even though it’d be a bit late given we were there yesterday with hundreds of people).  I watched the final of The Traitors. I was only catching the round table part from about halfway through the series, but saw the full last 2 episodes. Madness Jaz wasn’t believed throughout! Great tv though for a reality show.

Saturday – I had to nip to the shops so did that and dropped off more parcels. Did some of a puzzle, the first I’ve done in a few months. And read some of my current book. It still felt like I didn’t really sit down all day. 

2 yellow terraced houses

Things I’ve enjoyed:

  • A nice chat with the manager of the charity shop when I went to drop off lots of decluttered things. He was very grateful as he said they get such a fast turnover
  • Putting the world to rights with another parent at football training.
  • Parents evening. I do quite enjoy chatting with lots of different people, and putting faces to my expectations from what N says. I think I should have been an anthropologist.

Things I’m grateful for:

  • We didn’t lose anything in the storm.
  • Getting away from my desk at lunchtimes, not everyday but enough
  • Bit of extra pocket money from Vinted sales was a nice withdrawal.

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  1. Happy belated 13th birthday to N. Hope that he enjoyed it even if it was a quiet one. It’s nice to have a face-to-face parents’ evening again. Sophie’s school is still doing online ones. The Traitors final was so good. Glad you didn’t lose anything in the storm. #project365

  2. Happy birthday to N. I hope he had a great day and welcome to the teenage years 🙂
    I love out air fryer but never tried an omelette in it – my kids love them, might have to give a go.
    I’ve just discovered vinted and fear I will might spend rather than sell anything lol

  3. Hope the rest of you manage to avoid covid and the OH isn’t too ill. I haven’t seen Traitors, no idea even what the concept of it is. Its the same with an air fryer, doesn’t appeal to either me or the OH despite only hearing good things about them.

    1. I wasn’t originally that bothered about an air fryer. I certainly won’t use it for some things that others cook in them.

  4. Happy birthday to N. I hope he had a great day.
    I have seen omelettes cooked in the air fryer and I am planning on trying one too.
    I liked the face to face parents evenings at school rather than the online one’s. It was nice to meet the teachers in person.
    I hope no one else has came down with Covid and your husband is feeling better.

    1. Yes, I really liked the face to face. Although the geography teacher spoke so slowly, she was 2 slots late by the time we got to her, which then threw others out. And next time, I’ll wear lighter layers!

  5. Traitors was soo good wasn’t it. I really wanted Harry to win, but felt sorry for poor Mollie. Hope you OH is over COVID now, we seem to have a few colleagues off with it atm, so its definitely doing its rounds again. Happy birthday to H, I forgot his birthday was close to Eliza’s

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