Body comparisons

Maybe I’m strange, and I’m the only one who does this.  Not sure I should be admitting it, but I compare N’s size and shape to other children we meet.

I like numbers so I suppose it was always natural I’d enjoy keeping a track of N’s weight when he was weighed.  He was also heavy and big compared to his peers, unsurprising given how much he enjoyed his milk and then food.  He tracked consistently until he stopped being weighed, and although his friends have now largely overtaken him in height (the girls especially seem to have shot up), and he’s now in the right size clothes for his age.  He’s still got short legs compared to the rest of him, so he still generally needs turn ups.  Some shops that size small mean we have to move up a size, but although he’s a solid build (with a serious stomach on him straight after meals), he doesn’t seem huge.

But the one thing I do find myself checking out (hopefully unobtrusively, although I won’t be able to hide it now) is willies.

Yes, it’s another post about them.  All seems like a very strange habit, as I can’t say I’ve ever compared my own body to other women in changing rooms etc.  So not sure where this has come from.

Newborn boys’ nether regions are funny things.  Once all the hormonal swelling’s gone down, you’re then left with either something that looks huge or tiny.  I didn’t think anything of N’s until someone at Baby Cafe was overheard pointing out her son’s huge anatomy to everyone and joking that his dad was impressed.  Then it gets you wondering whether your son is small, large, different etc, and hoping it all ends up normal when he’s older.

Then obviously we had the soreness last week (see here if you’d not read about it) which thankfully has cleared up really quickly, but it does put them at the front of mind when as a female, I wouldn’t really have thought about them before.

Have you found yourself checking out something as a parent that you wouldn’t have thought about before?  Or am I just strange?!

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