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Penultimate swimming lesson magic

I have a theory about swimming lessons and children.  Whatever they do or don’t do previously, it will all come together in the penultimate swimming lesson as if by magic.

It’s happened for us several times previously.  The main one was after a lot of water wobbles just after I’d decided we were going to give swimming a break til he was a bit older.

Miraculously, week 9 of the 10 week term, and all of a sudden N turned into a little water baby, absolutely loving it and joining in with everything.  And since then we’ve never turned back.

I’ve seen it on certain activities that he previously hated, where all of a sudden, usually the  week 9 lesson, and he’s turned it into an activity he can do and loves.

And this term has been no exception.

At the moment, N loves swimming, and gives most of the activities a go.  But there’s a couple that he still hates and refuses.  The first is swimming through my legs.  To be honest, I’m not really surprised, because even with goggles, who really enjoys going underwater loads!

The second is more important, and it’s swimming on his back.  He’s always hated it since he was a baby, and he’s got really good at flipping back over to his front.  I suppose that’s a useful skill to have.

But yesterday, lesson 9, and it was ‘back week’.  He actually did both activities that were practicing on his back, with a woggle underneath him (we did have to put the duck under his rash vest to get him to let go of that and hold the woggle), and holding a float behind his head.  I was amazed.  No moans, no complaints, just happily kicking away like a pro.

Ok, so I had to hold the woggle or support him, but hopefully this means we’ve turned the corner and he’ll be happier on his back in future.  Result.

It’s brilliant when it all comes together and he loves everything in his swimming lessons.

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