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Project 52 2023 week 14

Another week’s gone, and the first week of the Easter holidays. I was working, so N’s spent most of the week out helping on the farm. So here’s our week 14 of Project 52.

Sunday we totally forgot N was meant to have a club tennis session in the morning. He went off on the farm, I had a lie in, then had a chilled morning, baked a cake and caught up with a film I didn’t finish watching. It was nice to have a day where I didn’t have to do anything. Our new lodgers have fully moved in. I’ve only spoken to one of them but they seem nice according to everyone else who seems to have chatted to them.

On Monday N was off out on the farm again – I think that’s basically going to be the whole of his Easter hols. I really should have booked in going away for a couple of days next week just to get him off the farm. Quiet day at work with lots of people on leave. The calm before the storm with new systems and waiting for when we’re set loose to get everything set up for the new year.

Tuesday was another fairly quiet work day. N spent the day on the farm again. The weather was warm (relatively) and no wind, so we got out the table tennis table to play after tea. A sign of warmer weather and plenty of playing in the upcoming months. I also helped N fork up the silage for the cows. A calf needed getting back in as it had escaped out, but and lots wanted their noses scratching. N has quite a few friendly ones, but I reckon he was a bit put out that so many were quite happy seeing me too!

On Wednesday the rubbish wet weather was back again. N had another football match. It was a frustrating one, with them going down 1-0, and missing a lot of chances. Luckily they did get a goal too, fighting for that draw. 

Thursday I finally got to the theatre to see Strictly Ballroom. It was originally meant to be in 2020, but Covid pushed it back time and time again. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t as slick or anywhere near as good as the film. We also didn’t get to see Kevin Clifton in the lead role, and several of others were understudies as well. Fran was played by Fay Brookes who was evidently in Coronation Street; I thought she was excellent.

On Friday the weather was wonderful again, and bank holiday. N spent most of the morning making hot cross buns. So it was a lazy day for me. We started thinking about possible summer adventures, and hopefully we’ll do something in half term too as N’s been very anti going anywhere so far this year. He’s got cows on the mind.

Saturday was a busy town morning. We had so many places to visit and things to pick up and buy. It’s always nice to have N come with me as often it’s just him. The day was warm and sunny, so we had some more table tennis playing.

curly haired cow's forehead_

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  1. N making hot cross buns sounds yum! I had a bit of a blow out weekend so have to rein in the indulgences again. But nothing beats home baked goods 🙂 That’s good he gets to spend time helping out on the farm. I wish I could get mine outdoors more.

  2. It sounds like N is having fun being out on the farm.
    I am glad you finally got to see Strictly Ballroom.
    It took me a second to figure out what the photo was. hehehe

    1. One friendly cow that’s always near the gate when we walk past. He’s had a great time this Easter, although now they’re more out on the vehicles and he can’t really go with them for that all the time.

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