wasgij destiny 1 best days of our lives

Wasgij Destiny 1 The Best days of our Lives solution

Another of the Wasgij Retro range, The Best Days of our Lives is the Wasgij Destiny 1 puzzle. The retro range are an updated version of the original released version, largely the same solution image but with a few tweaks. If you missed them the first time round, then the retro version is a great alternative..

wasgij destiny 1 best days of our lives

In this puzzle the box image shows a classroom full of young students. The solve the jigsaw you need to imagine what the picture would look like in the future. 

I found there were a couple of tricky sections to work out where they went, but using my normal method I completed it in 3 sessions.

There’s the usual Wasgij fun going on in the end image, with chaos from the characters, and lots of colour.

You can find the solution below, and if you’re looking for a puzzle board I use the Portapuzzle*.

wasgij destiny 1 best days of our lives solution

Do let me know how you get on.

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