ravensburger world landmarks puzzle

Ravensburger World Landmarks jigsaw puzzle

I go through winter phases. One year I’ll be into crochet, then next books are the only thing I’ll do outside of blogging.  This year it’s all about jigsaw puzzles.  The latest one I’m doing is Ravensburger’s World Landmarks that I was sent to review.

ravensburger world landmarks puzzle

N gets a bit annoyed when I get a new puzzle because he always wants to join in, and when they’re a 1000 pieces, they’re just too overwhelming and he can’t see what needs putting where until right at the last stages.  But it does mean I have a nice peaceful time doing them.

The only downside is they take up lots of floor space because they take too long to do on the kitchen table, and we don’t have a smaller table that’s big enough.  While I’ve been doing this puzzle though, I’ve often had N next to me playing with Lego and doing his own creations.

I loved this puzzle. It’s one of the favourite ones I’ve done.  With plenty going on, lots of different iconic buildings from around the world to work on, it’s not a mass of sky or grass to slog through.  There were some more confusing bits that took time, but mostly it was easy enough to see what pieces should be going where.

starting a landmarks jigsaw puzzle

My jigsaw puzzle completion process is the same as most people’s.

  • Start with collecting the outside
  • As I’m getting the edge pieces, make piles of the different colours or areas of the puzzle.  This one I pulled out obvious buildings like the Shard, Sydney Opera House and St Pauls, then grouped the rest by sky, green and foreground, and buildings.
  • Work on obvious buildings, then fill in the gaps
finished world landmarks jigsaw

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A Ravensburger puzzle is my favourite make.  Their pieces seem really good quality, the colour has a nice glossy sheen on it, and the pieces don’t get stuck in each other in the box.  The clarity of the image is good too.  Plus you don’t have to follow the box picture – you can use that as another tray for pieces – because there’s a nearly A4 size image you can use.  With this puzzle, on the reverse you also have the list of all the landmarks, so no guessing the ones you’re not sure about.

As I do my puzzles a little each night, with maybe an hour on a weekend, the 1000 piece ones do take some time. But with this one because you can see it progressing quickly, it stops you getting demoralised.

One handy tip – if you struggle to get your box to stand up how you want, try one of these box stands. They’re a helpful puzzle aid.

You can buy Ravensburger puzzles from Jigsaw Puzzles Direct, Amazon* and other toy shops.

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  1. Love to tackle a good jigsaw puzzle. Still trying to finish the Ravensburger Shaped Lighthouse that i got for Christmas as its really hard to do as no defining edges. This World Landmarks one looks great and i agree Ravensburger puzzles really are the best quality on the market.

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