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Paw Patrol: Pups and the pirate treasure – activity sheets

I don’t know where he’s got it from but all of a sudden N is obsessed with kids tv and Paw Patrol. It’s come up out of the blue, and annoys me because  a lot of the time he’s watching programmes aimed at pre-schoolers or younger, and I’d rather he was moving up to the next school age stage of shows.   But I don’t think he’ll be giving up Paw Patrol any time soon.

He’s always been a fan of dogs thanks to having lots of them roaming round at home on the farm.  So Paw Patrol was always going to appeal.

He was recently sent a copy of the Paw Patrol Pups and the Pirate Treasure DVD to review.  The DVD is out on 14th March and is a great treat for Easter, featuring 5 new Paw Patrol adventures.

paw patrol dvd

If you’ve not come across Paw Patrol, it’s a kid called Ryder, and various dog and puppy friends, taking on adventures and mysteries to solve any problems that crop up.  This adventure is about their search for pirate treat when they find a secret map and have to find the  missing map pieces to find the treasure.

N enjoys pirate stories, and likes drawing maps so was keen on this episode, although when I asked him what he thought of the dvd, he just said ‘I liked it’  I despair because I’ve no idea what he’s watching, but the whole dvd kept him entertained.  There’re 6 episodes on the dvd – usually he wouldn’t watch anything all the way through, but he did watch all 6, and started singing along with the theme music as well.

Launched on the 14th March with a U certificate at an rrp of £9.99, it’s a fun way to get young children understanding working as a team, and helping solve problems and mysteries.  You can buy Pups and the Pirate Treasure DVD* from Amazon.

If you’ve got fans of Paw Patrol, I’ve got some Paw Patrol activity sheets which you can download and print out.

Are your children fans of Paw Patrol? Who’s their favourite?


Disclosure: We were sent a copy of the dvd for review purposed. *affiliate link

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  1. Oh yes! T loves Paw Patrol! The annoying thing was that it comes on just as we were leaving for school and then T was insistent that he watched it. But it always made us just that tiny bit late. So now I record it, and he can watch it whenever he wants. Agreed it’s a bit pre-school, but I’ve found that these days T will ask to change channels when something is seriously babyish (although he likes the Twirlywoos!?) … But what’s wrong with a bit of escapism every now and then? I think this may well be on Ts wish list for Easter if he finds out it exists!

    1. This one isn’t as babyish as some things N all of a sudden likes to watch. ITNG and Waybaloo -argghhh, he never liked those as a baby or toddler so why now? Thankfully the weather getting better and lighter evenings will hopefully mean he’ll rather play outside than watch tv!

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