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School Days – cross country, croup and certificates

We’re back in the weekly school days update.  It’s been a busy week despite it being cut a bit short due to illness, but time’s marching on quickly towards Easter.

Cross Country

When N told me he went to Lego club I was surprised, but not as much as him telling me he does cross country at lunch times.  According to N he’s running round the field 2 lunch times a week.  I asked if he went because his best friend goes (he’s a bit of a runner, so I expected N to follow him round), but his reasoning was much more practical.

‘Cross country is before tennis and football so I don’t need to get dressed for those later because I’m already dressed for sport’.  He seems to quite enjoy it, so hopefully it might improve his running speed and leg strength.

Progress reports and photos

Every term or so we get an email through with a journal update on N’s progress and what he’s been up to.  It’s pretty much like the learning journal that we used to get from nursery.  It includes lots of the photos of him learning, playing, interacting and taking part in drama and music activities, along with the EYFS comments on what skills and level that N is hitting while doing the activities.  It’s a great way to get updates when you can’t have the quick catch ups all the time like we used to be able to do at nursery.

Messy child

Yet again N kept coming home in his school shoes instead of his outdoor shoes (trainers).  This means his school shoes get wrecked when he’s playing at nursery, and he tells me he loses his trainers at school.  One day I’m hoping that N will remember to put his trainers in his box instead of leaving them on the floor, separately for me to track down (I usually find them at the bottom of the welly boot racks).

N did make me laugh because he told me that the other children call him the ‘messy child’. So true although I’d hope he wasn’t the only messy one in the class.  But it’s true that he leaves his stuff where he drops them.  I drives me insane at home, but we’re working on it.  Hopefully he’ll pick up after himself soon.

relaxing on a reclining chair

Eye tests and weight checks

This week was the eye check day.  If I’d not had friends with children at other schools who mentioned the weight checks and read about BMI checks for school children, I’d have been none the wiser because only the eye tests were mentioned in advance.

The eye test went ok and our leaflet that came home said he passed the eye check, although according to N he couldn’t do it, and they wore funny glasses to check.  I asked whether he had colours or pictures to look at and whether things were blurry.  According to N, everything was blurry with and without the glasses, but seeing as neither the OH or I have needed glasses (at least until a lot older), so

I’d have been surprised if he’d not passed.

I would presume the weight check went ok, although I hope they take into account shoes and clothes before writing any letters to parents for any who’re coming in overweight.  I don’t know if we’ll all hear anything about it, but N’s on the slimmer side at the moment, and hopefully being on the male side of the family will take after the men rather than the female side of my family and will stay leaner than struggling with his weight).

Croup and no more 100% attendance

On Thursday night we could hear N barking away upstairs and my heart sank.  A year or so ago he had similar, 1 session of horrendous coughing later at night.  That time we ended up a bit scared and 111 advised taking him to out of hours – of course, as soon as we stepped outside the door, he was fine again.  This week, the coughing didn’t last as long, but it’s always made worse because it hurts, and then N starts to cry and get anxious himself.  At least this time we knew what it was, gave him a drink, put him back to bed with a higher pillow and an open window.

The next morning he was tired, had a cold and a bit of a cough plus a tight throat.  I’d have probably sent him into school because he would have been ok once he was on the go, but his dad has already told him he couldn’t go in.  That of course meant I had to nip into school to pick up his PE kit, trainers and water bottle, then take him into work to pick up my laptop so I could work from home.

Of course, him being off that day meant his 100% attendance record is no longer which is a shame.  It also meant he couldn’t be at his target assembly where he was due to have been given his silver target certificate for hitting his next set of targets.  It means he may have to wait until next term’s target assembly to get it, so hopefully he’ll have managed to get his gold one by then so he can get the 2 together.

N did spend most of his day off sitting on the sofa watching tv or Youtube, so he obviously wasn’t feeling quite right.  Until mid afternoon when he got really bored and wanted to go and play outside for a bit.  Thankfully Friday night was fine sleepwise.  It’s strange how croup with N just seems to be the one session on one night and then that’s it.  It’s a mystery how it comes on as well but it’s horrible to hear children coughing like that and struggling to breath properly.

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  1. That’s such great motivation with his sport. I hated cross country so he’s doing a lot better than I did. Good luck with your trainer mission 😉

    1. Me too. I think pretty much everyone hated cross country. I was sporty but still hated it so no idea where his enjoyment has come from.

  2. Aww bless him, cherish the moments you have at home with poorly kids because soon he will be grown up and won’t be staying home from school with mummy

  3. lol “messy child” I have two of them haha! he sounds very practical about the cross country haha I love how kids minds work! The progress updates sound really good, I wish we have them x

  4. I love that the school send home an email each month, it’s good to get a little update on how they are doing once in a while. Love his reason for doing cross country!!

    1. He’s all for an easy life! Although dozily this week he did cross country at lunch but then was too tired to do the tennis that was his normal Monday PE lesson. He didn’t listen to what I advised!

  5. Awww I hope your son gets better soon.

    I think we’ve all be called messy child at some point, God bless my aunties for they called me that more times that I cared to remember

  6. I hope your son feels better soon. Croup, to me, was always something out of Anne of Green Gables novel, an old fashioned disease, but I’m surprised at how common it still is these days!

    1. I know what you mean. I’m surprised at how many get it too. And I still don’t understand why. Especially with N, it’s only ever 1 night.

  7. I hope your son’s better 🙂
    I always got called the ‘messy child’ too! My mum says that she could always tell where I’d been!

  8. I’m afraid my daughter is also known as the “messy child”, not that anyone has called her that. My husband and I just think of that of her. She goes to school with her hair, neat and tidy and comes home looking like someone has had a good go at her hair. Sigh. Hope your son is feeling better.

    1. He’s much better thanks. I then caught his cold. N is always filthy because he’s always out in the garden or on the farm. OVeralls only cover so much!

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