getting outside in the garden

Project 366 2016 week 10 – the start of the outdoors

We’re onto week 10 of Project 365 and we’ve finally got some warmer weather…or at least foggy mornings followed by bright dry weather in the afternoon, if not sun.

On Sunday I made Nigella’s Nutella brownies.  Made with just eggs and Nutella, they were simple to make and tast good, although the texture is a little more cake-y than usual brownies.

chocolate nutella brownie

On Monday it was back to work, and there were some of the first blue skies and sunny days. I love this old Co-operative Society building in town, it’s just a shame that the shop on the ground floor is now a scruffy indpendent grocers.

Cooperative society building in Banbury

On Tuesday I headed up at lunchtime to check out TKMaxx’s offerings. Since the office has moved across town, it’s a bit of a walk so I rarely go anymore.  They had some great stationery in, so I picked up these gorgeous thank you notelets, vintage style gift tags and note papers.  Really cut.  It’s rare I find clothes in TK Maxx – but I spotted this gorgeous bright pink Esprit top.  It’s definitely not a usual colour for me, but it’ll look great with jeans, dressed up or down or I can probably get away with it for work as well.  The bonus with losing lots of weight (and having already decluttered my wardrobe before I went on the diet), is I get to shop and buy a new wardrobe.

TK MAxx haul

On Wednesday came the rain.  I’d been expecting a bit, but not the rushing torrents from the hills behind, and the fields across the roads.  Our patio hasn’t flooded for the last few years, but it did this week, and the drive to work was interesting. Thankfully the rain stopped by lunchtime, and all was clear by the commute home. (note the destroyed trampoline in the photo – not quite sure how we get that back off the fence and off to the tip).

flooded patio with ride on tractor and food tanker

On Thursday it was more school and work. At 6 every evening the OH puts the news on.  N’s never impressed and always wants on his tv shows, so he’s started taking himself off to the back room to watch that tv. I must turn it off properly, then he’ll not be able to turn it on – if we’re watching tv we should be in the same room in the evenings.  He does like the ancient reclining chair and has no problem making himself at home.

relaxing on a reclining chair

On Thursday night N had a bout of croup, waking up with a barking cough, and then working himself up crying because it hurt so much.  An hour later he was back asleep again propped up with his window gaping open.  I’d have sent him to school on Friday because apart from being tired and having a bit of a cold, he was fine really.  But the OH said no, so his 100% attendance record is no longer.  And he missed his target certificate assembly.  I worked from home and he spent most of the day in front of the tv or YouTube.  By mid afternoon he wanted to go out, so I let him loose in the garden for a bit. It’s been so nice this week having some better weather.

getting outside in the garden

On Saturday, N didn’t go swimming because of his cough. He went off with his dad on the farm in the morning while I did the food shop, then went to the hairdressers.  In the afternoon I wanted to get outdoors for a bit, so suggested a bike ride.  Of course with mine having been demoted from the utility room to the barn, it means a serious clean before I could sit on it and ride it.  We only cycled to my sister in laws, but that was a successful little bike ride for the first of the year.

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  1. I hope your son is feeling better soon, i really hate these individual attendance records

  2. Ooh, I will have to go look at Nigella’s brownie recipe, I always like to experiment with brownie recipes. Love the clock tower picture too.


  3. It’s been lovely to see some better weather, hasn’t it? I can’t believe your patio flooded, but the rain really was bad on Wednesday. You picked up some lovely stuff at TK Maxx. That place frightens me! Hope N’s cough is better soon.

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