Trendy Toddler

I love little clothes (ok so I like shopping, but even if you take that away, little clothes are cute).

Lots of people say that girls clothes are so much more interesting (and I have to say I’ve seen some gorgeous dresses, but let’s face it, how practical are they once they’re crawling, walking and exploring).  Boy clothes can be a bit samey, and when I look at them drying on the clothes horse I’d have to agree that colourwise, there’s a definite blue, brown theme going on in our house!

But they are pretty cute – I love N in cords, and little cargo trousers, and his cropped trouser (should be shorts, but he’s got short legs!) are gorgeous.  And you can get some really funky t shirts for them, and gilets, and coats.  Oh let’s face it, they just tend to look cute in them when they’re this age.

Here’s N today (supposedly ill with an ear infection, although after him being extremely hot and clingy yesterday, one dose of antibiotics and he’s bounced right back) in his lovely polo shirt and oversized shorts.  Not sure the hat goes but hey ho, for once he actually deigned to keep it on his head!

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  1. Hi Emma! Thank you for joining in TTT. Nathaniel is one stylin’ little man – my heart skipped a beat when I saw his chubby cheeks and cute hat, reminded me of Little M not too long ago. And those trousers/shorts are adorable, they can get away with anything at this age!

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