fence shadow stripes on lawn

Project 52 2020 week 14 – fence shadows

It’s week 14 of 2020, Project 52, and week 2 of lockdown has passed. A second week of home school, and a 3rd week of me working from home. As expected not a lot has been going on, and we’ve mostly stopped watching the daily government news briefings as not much more information is coming out.

Here’s our week.

On Monday we started work and school early. Anything for N to finish early. He’s got puppies to walk morning and evening and anytime in between, so is always keen to get his work done. N’s ears were still bad, so I got him a phone appointment to speak to the doctor. His cold is nearly gone but his ears haven’t improved. The doctor thinks it’s all tied up, but it might take some time to ease off. He gave up on his year 4 zoom calls this week – too noisy, too boring, and some children are just too loud for him. I think I probably need to try him with some individual calls to friends rather than trying to get him on a group call.

Tuesday our fat peasant was back in the garden waiting for dropped feed from the bird feeders. We baked a sponge cake – well, I baked it because N gave up after mixing it.

On Wednesday N got wise to getting work done early and getting his english out of the way. He was doing his comprehension by 7.30, then got his english activity done, followed by his maths. All this by just after 10, so he could go out on the farm with his dad to work. So I had a quiet working day without my little work buddy.

My food delivery arrived from the local company. They usually supply the restaurant trade, but are now doing home deliveries. I had any amazing veg and salad box (only a turnip that we’re not keen on), a huge sack o potatoes and a dairy/bread box. The dairy box wasn’t quite right as I’d asked for unsalted rather than salted butter, and I’d rather have had a mix of wholemeal and white bread, but it did the job. One loaf in the freezer, and one of the 4 pints of milk has gone to the farm rather than being put in the freezer. We don’t use much milk as N doesn’t have cereal every day, the OH drinks his tea and coffee at the farm, and I’m not on milk unless in recipes, due to it being high in carbs. So we still have plenty for cooking with and in case N has cereals.

Thursday was more of the same for N and his school work. I made a homemade keto bagel from fathead dough which was delicious, and after work finished my latest Wasgij puzzle. I had a couple of puzzles from charity shops bought in half term, so have dug those out, but jigsaw puzzles are in short supply online due to lockdown demand. My Wasgij posts are currently the only posts on my blog which are getting any views after my usual best posts have dropped off to virtually nothing. I managed to order a couple more puzzles for the next couple of months.

On Friday I had a short work day. N finished his work again although he’s trying to avoid doing his reading as usual. It’s now Easter holidays for him, so apart from reading, that’s him done for 2 weeks school work wise. I tried to make yoghurt to use up some spare milk, but it didn’t work. I think because I stirred it (and maybe because the milk warmed too fast). So a bit of a fail, but might try again another time.

Saturday was a bit of a chill out day, when isn’t. I cleaned the bathroom floor (it gets black with dust so quickly in there). I did some more of a puzzle, made flapjack so they’ve got ‘pudding’ for lunchtimes, and had a bit of tennis with N. I’ve been trying to watch The Stranger too, but every time I get started watching it, N comes in and I need to turn over. I will get it finished at some point. I also had a bit of a dance practice around the kitchen. N laughs at me, but although I don’t have a partner, west coast swing is all about footwork patterns – variations of 5 basic steps, so it makes sense to practice them.

This week’s photo was taken in the garden on one of the many sunny days this week.

fence shadow stripes on lawn

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  1. Your garden view is lovely.
    I need to look at local company deliveries, as our local supermarket is somewhat stressful for shopping.
    Glad you have settled into a routine, we are getting there too.

    1. It’s nice to support the local companies rather than them not working out all. They must be flat out. Some local pubs are also doing pop up micro shops which is good to look out for too

  2. I keep meaning to watch The Stranger but the girls have pretty much taken over the TV. Should just watch it on the laptop.

    Group calls can be hard as there are always the more ‘loud’ kids who tend to take over.

    Yes Jigsaws are so hard to get a hold of now. I ordered a couple from the works which arrived after going through them and most being out of stock

  3. I think you just have to do what works for them. The puppy walking does sound fun. I have been doing jigsaws too. Stranger has been good xx

  4. What a beautiful photo of the sky, those clouds look dramatic. We finished Stranger too, it was good. Just finished Safe now not sure what to watch xx

  5. Stunning photo of the sky, those clouds look really heavy and low. Everyone is talking about Stranger, I should give it a try. I don’t have a lot of things in the house in the UK to do, but I do have a big pile of books from mary I’m going to work my way through. keep well

  6. What a beautiful view you have in your garden, I would love that open space so close.Sounds like you have managed to keep yourself busy

  7. Well if getting his work done early works that is great.Puppy walking sounds like more fun.
    I keep saying I will get to my jigsaw but never seem to find the time.
    Maybe you will get to watch Stranger over the next few weeks when he will be on the farm all day

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