Wasgij original dropping the weight puzzle

Wasgij Original 28 – Dropping the Weight puzzle solution

I love a comedy puzzle and the Wasgij puzzles deliver on that. With larger than life characters and a fun image to solve, they challenge the brain even if you’re a prolific solver of them.  The latest I completed was the Wasgij Original 28 – Dropping the Weight.

One of the Wasgij Original range, means you need to create the solution by thinking what one of the character’s seeing. So it’s like looking in the mirror and seeing what’s going on if you reverse the image on the box and think about what the characters might be doing.

Wasgij original dropping the weight puzzle

This puzzle Dropping the Weight is set in a gym, with men and women exercising, preening and getting sweaty in very little exercise gear.  N found it very funny the size of one character’s oversized lower half in stripy leggings.

I found this Wasgij puzzle relatively easy to complete.  I find the Original range the hardest to do as there’s usually more changes to placement, but this one wasn’t too bad.  It was easy to start with posters and writing, and to find the inside pieces around the edges. That meant to it more straightforward to work out which characters went where, so I completed it in only 3 sittings.

I love some of the stereotypical characters – you’ve got the sporty guy showing off, the line of ‘Jane Fonda’ leotard women, the weedy guy struggling with weights and the huge guy standing around.

This was the first new puzzle I’ve bought which has a piece missing which I was disappointed in.  I need to contact Wasgij as they will send out missing pieces if available.

You can find Wasgij puzzles via my affiliate links Dropping the Weight, or the usual high street shops.

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If you want to find the Dropping the Weight solution, then please see below – both image and video including closer shots.

wasgij dropping the weight jigsaw

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