homemade tortilla chips

Project 52 2020 week 12 – all change

This week was the start of life changing thanks to Covid-19. Changing for everyone, although lots of people don’t seem to have changed their habits frustratingly. Hopefully there’ll be less stupidity coming into next week. I’m not sure that future weeks will be that exciting. After all there’s no school, no activities, no going out other than food shopping. But we’ll see how continuing with Project 52 goes.

Here’s our week 12.

On Sunday N had a birthday party to go to – one of the other boys in his class. They’re also on a farm, just up the road, and he had a laser tag party. N had a great time – they played 3 games in 2 teams, then had a bit of party food before I took him home. He did pretty well with some good scores in the laser shooting, although they all seemed to have good scores.

Into work on Monday for the last time. It was pretty quiet with more people working from home than normal, like a Friday in the office really.

Tuesday was the start of different at school. No more swimming – the school decided to stop as the changing rooms are small and open, with too many children having to go through it. They’ve had a lot more sport at school though to help support other classes where teachers have been off. N likes PE so he’s happy – lots of tennis, gym and a bit of dance that he didn’t mind this time. I worked from home for the first day. The office then closed that evening for as long as it takes.

The bonus of working from home meant I could pick up N every day, although it’s not the same because they were doing social distancing at drop off and pick up from Wednesday. Literally kids get taken out of the car or moved across the car park by teachers, without parents needing to get out of cars. And at pick up, teachers take the children out of different doors per class, the send children across to parents who aren’t allowed to stand milling around, but stay near cars. It’s good they were doing it, but blimey it’s depressing not being able to just stand and chat to people. Instead I chatted to another mum through both our open car windows.

I cancelled N’s private tennis lesson because it felt a bit off to be doing it when we’re meant to be avoiding going out so much. Evidently tennis is one sport that’s feasible to do as if you make sure the balls are only picked up by the coach, then it’s non contact. But we were preparing for no more tennis for potentially the whole season. Gutted.

On Thursday things were feeling a bit more normal working from home. I rarely do it usually because I get really bored. I much prefer working with some people around me, so going so long working from home is going to be hard. Luckily we’re got good systems set up and teams are having drop in ‘hello, how’s things’ online calls so we can see people and feel like we’re not alone.

On Friday it was the last day of school…for we don’t know how long. Although the OH would fit under a key worker, I can work from home so N is just going to have to do school work alongside me where possible. My work understand that lots of the company have children and for the next few months at least, there will be people who can’t work their normal hours.

I feel for the children at school. Especially those in their exam years, or year 6. Our nephew will miss out on the residential trip, no leavers disco or service, not saying, no settling in day at secondary, no job takeover day for them. Even N was a bit sad because he’d not be able to see his friends for so long, and that they wouldn’t get moving up day to learn what the next class would be like. He’s worried he won’t know what he’s doing on the first day back (if it ends up being September). The school have done a great job in so much uncertainty, and in getting home learning packs ready for the next couple of weeks.

Saturday was a day of wait and see. Would my Tesco online shop arrive, how much would arrive and would I then need to go into town to getting missing things. Luckily it arrived with only 13 substitutions (2 which we sent back) and sliced bread totally missing. Not too bad, and doable. We still needed bread so nipped to the market and while there got some flowers for my mother in law for mother’s day (and some for myself – I chose and paid for them as N didn’t seem that excited by it).

The market has been dying for years, but with so many supermarkets out of fruit and veg and other basics, obviously lots of people decided to get produce from market stalls instead. We had to queue for the bakery stall, and everyone up to me was socially distancing properly. But of course someone came and stood right up close behind me so everyone behind him was doing the same. Sigh.

The rest of the day we took the puppy out for a walk up the field, built Gravitrax runs and did my latest jigsaw. A nice relaxing day.

N has been getting involved with helping me cook this week. He made these tortilla chips from old tortilla wraps. He even ate them with guacamole which he usually doesn’t like. I think cooking is going to be a big part of our home schooling over the next few months.

homemade tortilla chips

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  1. Glad you’re able to work from home and fantastic you have all that outdoor space with the farm you can use, most people I’ve spoken to and myself have been disappointed that activities stopped, but we’re all in the same boat, which makes it a bit easier to bare, stay well x

  2. It has been sad, but necessary, to see all the things shutting down. Good luck with homeschooling and working from home. it certainly isn’t easy xx

  3. It’s been sad, but necessary, to see all the fun things shutting down hasn’t it? Good luck with combining home schooling and working from home – we will be doing the same, but H can get on with most of it himself.

  4. The party looks like fun! It’s good you’re able to talk and look at your colleagues. Yeah, it’s very tough for the students. Not alot of people take social distancing seriously. Nice chips

  5. It is so difficult for the kids isnt it? In Monkey’s school the Yr 6 wore their leavers hoodies in on the last day incase they don’t get a chance to come back. Good that you can work from home, but it is difficult isn’t it? We have been trying to do school work in the mornings and then fun in the afternoons. I also think that cooking will form a large part of our home schooling. Its good they learn basic skills early.

    1. N is doing the same, trying to get rid of school work as quickly as possible, and has been out on the farm in the afternoons. I don’t think our year 6s had their leavers t shirts yet, so they probably won’t get them. Such a shame

  6. great you can work from home, some financial security, but yes down side is nobody for a chat.
    Think this lock down is a good thing and hopefully it works. I would have asked him to step back if he was to close to me.
    Cooking and baking will be a handy way to pass time over the next few months.

  7. It has definitely been a strange week. Bee is in Year 2 and it is her final year in that school. We have applied to a different school from the majority of her friends and if she gets that place then she didn’t get a chance to say a proper goodbye

    1. I forget that some schools still have infants and different junior schools. So sad, it’s like they need to have a ‘last week’ or last’ day once all this is over to cram all the fun stuff in so they don’t actually miss out.

  8. It’s so hard for the children finishing school and not knowing when they’ll be back. I can imagine N will miss his tennis lessons. I can imagine the market must be more popular with the supermarkets being out of stock of so many things but it is so hard to maintain social distancing while shopping because so many people aren’t trying to. Those tortilla chips look yummy. Hope you enjoy cooking together as part of your home learning. #project366

    1. IT’s insane that people just weren’t getting socal distancing. I’ve not been out since last week to the shops – luckily we’ve a small local shop so i’ hoping we can get top up items from there

  9. It’s going to be a very strange few weeks and months, and so sad to see things winding down – from school and sports activities. I hope you manage to balance work and school stuff OK. I used to love the social side of working in an office, but I’m happy working at home. As I’m freelance, so work isn’t guaranteed, I do get bored and lonely from time to time. My work has basically disappeared, but no chance of getting bored or lonely with all three kids at home!

    1. Hope some work picks up again at some point. But nice to have the flexibility to do what you need to when locked down. I’m an extroverted introvert I think. I’m quite happy at leisure being alone, and I’m terrible in group/party situations with small talk etc, but I just love having buzz around me. Can’t work with music on though. My best place to work is a coffee shop!

  10. We have been social distancing during our walks, but it frustrates me when someone sidles up beside you for a chat. Hope you are keeping well

    1. Oh no, that’s annoying. I know people have said they’ve tried to avoid people and the other people have indicated they’re being rude avoiding them! Hopefully the lockdown will make more people think

  11. We’ve just finished our first week with no school and I’ve been cooking loads with Pierre – it’s nice to actually have the time to do it, as things are usually too busy. Unsettling times – we’ll see what next week brings ! xx

    1. Yes, I’m enjoying the cooking with N too, although during the week it’s going to be hard to get it done as well as working. OH likes to eat at 5pm but not sure if he’ll still eat at the farm as normal so no idea if I need to cater for him too. Easier not too as he’s so limited in what he’ll eat.

  12. It has been such a change in lifestyle this past week. I want to slap all the stupid people who are doing nothing to help the spread of the coronavirus. Grr!
    I feel so sad for the kids in their last year of school. I hope once this is all over they can have one last get together.
    I’m glad you got most of your shopping.
    The tortilla chips look fab. I am planning to have my girls helping in the kitchen more too. It’s a great way for them to learn. x

    1. Yes, N loves helping, although he always gets dragged off at the last minute to help the OH walk the dogs or do something on the farm. It would be nice to have a ‘one last day’ back for them all in school for all the fun things they’ve missed. I guess we just don’t know how long it’s all going to last. Waiting to see what happens in China.

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