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Project 366 2016 week 37 railways and tennis

Onto another week of Project 366, it’s week 36 and as usually time is rushing by.  This week unusually I’ve had more photos taken of N than other random items.  Maybe a sign of Autumn as there’s less floral opportunities.  While I quite like the colours of autumn, I hate that my photo quality goes down and opportunities get more limited.

One thing that doing Project 365/366 for the last 3 years has done, has really helped me want to improve and enjoy my photography.  This week I entered a local amateur photo competition.  I entered about 12 classes with several photos in some of them.  Unfortunately after deciding my best photos, the classes then changed, so I had to rechoose, move some around into other kind of suitable classes, so I wasn’t sure how they’d do.

I managed to win 3rd place in the summer category with a sunflower photo.  It wasn’t one that was my favourite, and not as suitable for the category as the 2 other photos I entered in that class, but I was really pleased to have places.  Disappointed that some of my others didn’t place, but at least I’ve got an idea of what types of photos the judges like, and I didn’t embarrass myself amongst all the hundreds of other photos that entered.  I’d definitely recommend looking out for local competitions if you want to improve and get ideas about photography.

summer photography competition photograph sunflowers

Here’s this week’s Project 366:

On Sunday, N and I popped into town and of course he wanted to walk by the canal and over to the park. We spotted the rosehips in full autumn bloom.  Deceptive given that the following few days were then super hot and back like summer again.

rose hips in dew

On Monday, N had his first homework other than reading. Because it was Roald Dahl day this week, their school celebrated his books and especially the BFG during the week in all their subjects.  His homework was to write some adjectives about the BFG.  I was worried about N not wanting to do homework, but so far it seems that worksheets he’s keen on, it’s just reading he still dislikes.

BFG homework

On Tuesday, I had to put myself out and eat more cake. My brother had turned up with a huge chocolate fudge cake on Monday after he’d baked it for his work and only a couple of people had eaten any.  We struggled to get much eaten so I took the rest into my work, where the rest easily got demolished within about 20 minutes.  Gannets at my work!

chocolate fudge cake

On Wednesday I finally got my My First Bananagrams review post up. N then decided it was time to make some words, so I got ordered to do surnames.

my first bananagram spelling

On Thursday I didn’t take any photos, until bedtime when this is who I found in bed.  He’s not been staying in his room much all night, but at least he does just sleep until a normal time and not hog the bed. The OH ends up in the spare room (mostly to escape my snoring he tells me!)

sleeping 5 year old with teddy bear

On Friday N had his second session at the local tennis club.  It was much improved on the first week when he clung to me for 20 minutes refusing to take part. This week he was acting as though he was teacher’s pet.  I love how he looks like a pro.

5 year old tennis player

On Saturday we had an unusual day out with a friend and her boys to visit Banbury’s North Signal box before it closes and gets stripped out of all the equipment.  It was interesting but we did leave early from the tour – because we’re not particular railways fans, and really needed to get some lunch.  It was nice to be able to say we’ve seen part of history, even though the boys were probably more excited playing with the toy train track rather than listening and watching the demo!

Open day tours Banbury north signal box
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  1. the chocolate cake looks yummy, I’d have helped to finish it off for sure. Congratulations on 3rd place in the photography competition, it’s a lovely photo.

  2. well done on winning the photo comp. I agree it is not all about the quality ( thought that helps) it is down to what appeals to the judges. I like your row of sunflowers.
    Glad the tennis went a bit better.
    Will be some nice autumn colours to photograph for a few weeks.

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