making family gifting easier

Everyone needs a cool uncle (or aunt) to buy children’s Christmas gifts – Ad

There’s only a couple of weeks left of Christmas shopping, and while some people are organised with presents bought and wrapped already, the rest of us are frantically trying to think of what to buy children and other family and friends. I’ve been really badly organised this year although I’m sorted for N.  However Father Christmas is a bit lacking so far, and still needs to pick up a couple more bits for the stocking.  I probably need to get some notes from the Wicked Uncle’s article on the best Christmas presents to buy for children.

Family gifting can be a minefield, and as a parent, you often find yourself having to think of not only your own gifts to buy your children, but also ideas for family to buy them.

making family gifting easier

How to find ideas for children’s presents

I tend to have a few methods of being able to answer people’s queries about what to buy for N.

  • Keep a note through the year of anything he mentions.  Watch out: do a sense check before buying to make sure they do still want that item.  (note to self, roller skates are a no)
  • Give them lots of Christmas shop catalogues to circle items they’d like
  • Listen to what adverts they’re talking about – Youtube is a good check to see what they’ve been watching and what products are popping up
  • Let them loose online to find quirky and fun gifts like those at Wicked Uncle
  • Ask their friends’ parents what their children are into (not helpful when my son doesn’t like football or film characters like so many children do)

Family gifting at Christmas

In my experience, gifting by family members can be a little off sometimes, so it’s good to hint.  Or just send them pictures of what the child wants.  (My childhood saw some ‘interesting’ gifts being given, although the OH’s family rely on lists so they rarely go wrong)

The one person N loves to get presents from is his uncle (my brother).  He doesn’t have children but relives his childhood through N, so gives the best, most fun gifts.  In the past he’s given a flying ‘ball’ type thing which was fun and a light up kids crossbow that shoots the arrows a long way; this year an archery set is on the way.  Some parents might despair at some of his gift ideas, but they’re perfect for N and where we live (as long as he’s aware of where the sheep are when he’s outside playing.

uncle and nephew playing catapults

Having a cool uncle is brilliant for gift giving.

He’s all about bringing the fun of childhood to life.

He’ll set up any complicated electronics or build things.

Things that are a little bit naughty or annoying tend to be acceptable from a fun uncle.

He knows what makes N tick because he was a young boy who loved the outdoors (and still does now).

But he still prefers quality to tat to ensure the gifts last longer than the holiday period.

I’d like to think I’m the cool aunt to my niece, but I’m thinking I probably need a little more help in getting gifting right.  Luckily she’s still a young girly 13, rather than a 13 going on 16 year old.

If you have children to buy for, and want to be a cool aunt, uncle or grandparent, rather than those buying dodgy gifts like poor quality character nighties or incorrectly sized awful crocheted outfits (yes, I was really bought these as a child), then check out Wicked Uncle’s children’s best present ideas, and the full range. From walkie talkies and window/mirror bird feeders to union jack space hoppers to science toys, there’s something for every type of child.

Who are the best present buyers in your family?

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  1. I try to be thoughtful but I don’t think I always get it right. I would LOVE to see the crochet outfit 😉

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