tips on keeping warm while working from home

Keeping warm over winter when working from home

It’s not been a particularly cold winter this year in terms of snow and freezing temperatures, but I’ve become colder while I’m at home. It’s certainly harder to keep warm while working from home compared with being in the office when I was always hot compared to others.  

Some of my feeling the cold has to be down to losing a substantial amount of weight. Less fat on my body to keep me warm. But I’m also on warfarin which can make you feel the cold more too.

Now I’ve got my desk set up in the back room, it’s cooler in there than in the kitchen where I used to work. The kitchen gets the sun through one window in the morning, then a bit in the afternoon too through the other window.  The room I’m in now doesn’t get the sun until high summer later in the afternoon. The patio doors aren’t draught proof either, sp I need to look at other ways to keep warm when working.

tips on keeping warm while working from home

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We’re always tight on heating at home. Yes it goes on in the evenings – we don’t have our woodburner on that much unless it gets really cold. And the OH puts it on in the mornings, although I’d rather it wasn’t on as I’m often too hot when I first get up.  But it goes off before 8am whenever I go downstairs, and might get turned on again when the OH comes in around 5.

Our house isn’t draught proof’ – both the doors and windows are bad. The kitchen is always warmer because the Aga’s always on so does help warm that end of the house a bit.

We always sit under blankets in the evening too. Not only is it warmer, but it’s also cosy. We all have our own blankets. N will even sit under his thick one in the summer (no idea why, but presumably it’s a comfort thing). 

Tips for ways to keep warm when working from home

Wear layers 

This year I bought a couple of thermal long sleeved tops. They feel so warm and fleecy on the inside, and aren’t bulky under jumpers.  I also have a fluffy gilet that I pop over my jumper. It means I’ve not added bulky layers to my arms, and it’s still easy to type.

If your legs get cold you could wear leggings, tights or ‘skins’ under trousers.

Try fleecy leggings

If you’re a leggings wearer (I’m not), try fleecy leggings which have a warm inside. A friend of mine swears by hers.

Wrist warmers

When you’re typing gloves aren’t really practical. I’ve never had fingerless gloves but I’ve now got some Turtle Doves wrist warmers (a requested Christmas gift). They come up high on the wrists, and over your fingers.  They’re not the best for typing in as there’s less flexibility than fingerless gloves, but they’re so toasty warm, and a bit more stylish – a bit less obvious than wearing gloves.

Get cosy with a blanket

We love our blankets.  You could make your own if you’re crafty, using old cottons to make a thin quilted blanket. Or you can get fleecy blankets quite cheap from places like Primark or Ikea.  My current favourite is a British tartan recycled blanket my brother gave me for Christmas. It’s not bulky, and isn’t itchy like I initially thought it would be. I’ve not resorted to  a blanket while working yet, but plenty of my colleagues use them.

Hot water bottle

A great way to keep warm (assuming you don’t burn yourself pouring the water in). No old fashioned rubber bottles needed, you can now get some lovely hot water bottle* designs. Just sit one on your lap as you work.

Flask of hot drinks

Why not keep a flask* with a hot drink in it on your desk.  It means you’ve always got a hot drink to warm you up, and you can spend less time and electricity when boiling the kettle. 

Draught excluder

If you have a draughty house, then try a draught excluder at the bottom of the door of the room you’re in. You can make your own with some fabric and stuffing if you don’t want to buy one.

If you’ve got gaps in your windows, as a quick solution you can get foam strips to stick into gaps.

Move around

As well as keeping you warm, it’s also much better exercise wise if you get up regularly and move around. It’ll also help keep you warm. Everytime you need a break – to get a drink, toilet break or just to stretch your legs, go for a walk around, or do some stepping on the spot to keep warm.

Move rooms with the sun

A bit more drastic, and not practical if you’ve got a complicated desk set up. But if you’re just using a laptop and it’s easy enough to move around, why not pick which room you work out of depending on the time of day. Move to where the warmer sunny spots are in the house.

How do you keep warm when working from home?

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  1. We only ever have the heating on an evening unless we’re all in and it’s really cold. I certainly refuse to put it on when I am at home by myself. I layer up, sit under a blanket and have a hot water bottle. I have found that fingerless gloves are great for typing. hehehe

  2. This was the post I didn’t realize I needed! I am always cold while working in my office and you have some great suggestions in here. I’m definitely looking for some fleece lined leggings and getting a hot water bottle. I also know I have to get up and move throughout the day. Working from home has definitely lowered my step count. Ha. But to your point it will definitely help me warm up!

    1. My step count when I first wfh was terrible. I now easily do 15k by dancing around and getting up every hour, or stepping while watching tv

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