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School Days – activity morning and lost coats

The penultimate week of school and there’s been more going on than I expected. Conversation with N abotu school has decreased, mostly because he’s been struggling to get to sleep in the evenings, so it’s been a case of trying to get him to sleep rather than chatting for ages.  He’s so tired at the moment – 9pm bedtimes and waking early isn’t great, although he has been sleeping in til 7am some days. Unlike me – I’ve been waking at 5.15 instead of my ‘just before the alarm’ at 6.35.

Hopefully when we’re off camping N will sleep in a bit given he’ll have some later nights with all the other children, but once he’s working on the farm with his dad, that’ll be early wake ups again because he’ll be excited to have the chance to have breakfast at the farm – I think his brain’s working while he sleeps reminding him to wake early to avoid missing 6.30 call.

Minimal years 1s

Last week N did his week of being in Class 2 like he will be next year. He’s been going up for maths and topic work for most of the year, so it’s not really going to be much different. But this week, he’s been back to his normal class, and the other half of the year 1s have gone up. Thanks to his good friend being on holiday, that meant only 2 of them left in Class 1 along with the reception year.

N said it was nice to only have 2 of them because they could do more planning of their work, but also because the other boy had been split up from another which meant he was behaving and working harder. So all a pretty positive week workwise.

Random reading books

I’ve said before how reading scheme book levels don’t match or jump around all over the place. This week, we’ve had home 2 books each time. Level 5, level 6 and the level he’s actually on 7/turquoise.  N states every book is easy, and he’s doing well considering he’s just moved up to that level.  It’s good to see how really the levels don’t change that much other than the amount of words. Now it’s more about being fluent rather than sounding out (it drives me mad that N sounds out simple reception level words like ‘get’ but then gets ‘children’ and ‘wouldn’t’ fine) and having expression. I’m not sure him shouting out is quite the expression we’re looking for wth exclamation marks, but I suppose it’s making the point hat it’s different!

What I’ve found with getting 2 books home is that N will fuss a lot less than when he’s only got one book. He has 2 days to get books read (or the weekend), so it works quite well this way with 1 book a day.  He has been wanting to read inside and it’s also hard getting him to read to me rather than taking the book away to read to himself. I’m never sure how much he has actually read if he goes off himself.

outdoor reading

Lost coat

N’s coat was already missing its zip off hood. N hates wearing it when the hood isn’t needed, so god knows where he left that. Of course the hood isn’t labelled.  So that’s probably lost for good. But I didn’t expect him to have lost a red coat. There’s not many children with red coats at school, and I knew he’d taken it in and not returned with it.

One morning this week, the TA at morning club mentioned that N’s coat was in the main lost property cupboard. I’ve no idea where he’d left it because usually Class 1 lost property is in the corridor box rather than taken down to the main cupboard. N was supposedly denying all knowledge of it.

‘It’s not my coat. Or if it is, it’s an old one I’ve grown out of’. Sigh, of course it isn’t It’s the current coat which will probably do him right through to winter. The TA kindly took him down to retrieve it.  One day he’ll learn to be more careful of his stuff.

Activity morning

Last year the children had fun day, this year it was activity morning.  It’s basically a fun morning, where the children go round different stations to do crafts, makes, and oth activities.  N came home with a little pot of lip balm he’d made and a paper fortune teller.  He loved the fortune teller – it’s great that the simple things are the best.

Playground accident

This week I had a call from school that N had been hurt.  High jinks in the playground and he’d been hit in the mouth by a ball. He was fine – his lip wasn’t swollen and although his gums hurt, there were no teeth knocked out thankfully.

At home I asked him how it happened.  It wasn’t quite the football accident I’d expected. According to N, they were out in the playground after finishing their writing work, and a boy picked up a space hopper and threw it at him. He has had a tendency to blame people for problems when they could really only be accidents in the past.  Apart from being incensed that it happened, N hasn’t seemed bothered since then, so hopefully it was just an accident.

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  1. It must be lovely to have such small classes. He’s doing really well with his reading, only a couple of colour bands behind Monkey now, although I’m now convinced Monkey could do more if he applied himself on the reading front

    1. Well, you say small classes. In theory the year groups are 15 capacity, but our year was 17 went to 20 and then back to 17, so when we’re with another year group in a class, we will be over 30 which is not great that N’s year is the only one they’ve let in over capacity. Unlike a local private school where a friend’s daughter has 4 in her class! The only downside, is you’re limited in terms of sports teams as they’d need to have mixed year group teams to cover. It does mean of course that they’re able to take the whole year when going to cross school events where there other large schools have to select children to go.

  2. It’s not good about the space hopper in the face The lost coat story sounds familiar – and my son is 13! I’m sure the PE top he has isn’t actually his and he’s managed to lose two pairs of trousers in year 8, so has only got one pair with a hole which keeps reappearing and he usually gets dirty on Monday!

    1. Sigh over lost clothes. Thankfully all of ours so far have come home again (including a jumper today that I knew he’d left at school somewhere but he denied)

  3. Those last few days of school are really strange aren’t they- everyone on countdown and still lots to do! The coats only ever reappear once they are outgrown so if you have found it sooner you are doing well.
    Sorry to hear about the playground incident- it’s so difficult isn’t it. Hopefully tensions just running high for the end of term and it settles down next year.

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