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Project 52 2019 week 10 – garden birds

This week’s not really gone as planned. Some went better, some went a lot worse. And the rest just got on with it. Here’s our week 10 of project 52.

On Sunday we didn’t do much, it was a lazy day at home. Although N did finish off his homework of a World Book Day poster. He was very chuffed with it, in the theme of a Tom Gates book.

Monday was just another Monday with school and work. The same with Tuesday – although he did manage to leave his swimming hat at swimming. Luckily it came back to school for him the next day.

On Wednesday N had to make sure his costume was ready for World Book Day on the 12th. He’d decided to go as Tom Gates – easy, just needed jeans and a white t shirt that he’d doodled on.

Thursday N had a dodgeball tournament/meet. Not all of the secondary catchment schools went, and only a selection of year 3/4s went, so N was pleased to have gone. He said they did really well, although evidently 1 of the teams had some dubious rule following. It ended up being more of a friendly tournament. But N enjoyed it. He did get to wear his World Book Day outfit once they were back at school and he was so pleased to win the poster competition for his class. He got a prize and certificate, and was so chuffed.

It was also hair cut day for the OH and N, and for the first time ever, the OH actually picked N up himself rather than getting his sister in law or mum to do it. N drew him a map to show where he needed to do, but I presume he found the classroom himself.

Friday school went well. N was pleased to get VIP, although he didn’t know why. He whizzed through his homework comprehension before tennis. Then tennis was where it fell apart. He’d been moaning about his leg hurting and I didn’t know if he’d pulled something at the dodgeball.

All was ok until 20 minutes before the end when they were told to gather round and sit down. A few were still standing up. Next thing I knew, N was coming over holding his eye in tears. It seemed one of the standing children was right next to where he was sitting, and was swinging her racket, then he got hit by her racket in the eye. A lot of tears later, and he was still refusing to join back in, right until the last activity. Add to the painful leg and eye, a cold coming out again, and he’s really in the wars.

I also realised that the tennis club didn’t put forward a team for summer league which means we’ll have to do singles tournaments. I’ve not been able to persuade N to play in an of those, but maybe if there’s a few from his team who enter them, he might try a couple.

The week ended with N missing swimming due to his aching leg and cold. Instead we headed to the opticians because N was seeing everything blurry out of the injured eye. They triaged him then refered him to Oxford eye hospital. Luckily being a Saturday it meant we had no problems parking. He saw a lovely nurse and trainee for the triage part, then was referred for the doctors to see him and check out the blurriness. Unfortunately that meant a 3 hour wait with nothing to entertain. Plus the chicken I’d bought in the morning, was going to need to be thrown out as it had been out of a fridge all afternoon.

N did a great job – he answered all the questions, did everything asked, had horrible stinging eye drop put in, had his eye turned orange with drops. Thankfully the doctor gave his eye the all clear and said the blurry vision should go. It was a long day and he went to bed at 6.45 absolutely exhausted.

This week’s Project 52 photo isn’t the best as it was taken through a grubby window looking into the garden. The garden birds took their time deciding whether they liked out homemade fat balls, but they do so we refilled and I got out my new zoom lens to have a go at getting some photos. I was pleased to get some clear in flight shots – mostly of sparrows this time, but we have a lot of great tits feeding as well. So when it’s less windy I’ll set up a seat outside so I can get some clearer shots.

flying sparrow
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  1. N has been busy this week. I know you were worried about the hospital visit and I’d have been raging about the lost time too. Hope someone had a stern word with the girl.

    1. Unfortunately i doubt it. She usually gets a lift with someone else, whether another parent or the nanny. The coach did tell the whole group that they need to listen to what instructions are being given, and a reminder about hugging rackets or putting them on the floor.. But most of them just don’t take it in

  2. Aww poor N what a nightmare about his eye. Glad it wasn’t too bad and well done on the poster competition. My boys love Tom Gates xx

  3. Oh no, poor N, to be hit in the eye, it must have been so painful. His Tom Gates outfit sounds cool. For some reason Eddie is not very keen on the series. He started reading one of the books but never finished it. I know they are very popular with kids in school.

  4. Poor N! What a nightmare with his eye. Glad it turned out to be nothing too serious though.
    Well done to him on winning the poster competition! We love Tom Gates round here too. My daughter only stopped reading them a year or so ago.

    1. I can’t stand the Tom Gates books. I think its the silly font and pictures. But N likes them because he can read them faster because the text is broken up. Anything that gets him reading is good in my eyes

  5. think i’ll try the home made fat balls for the birds in Dubai when i get home. Hope N is feeling a bit better after his eye injury and his aching leg recovers soon

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