project 365 week 27

Project 365 – photo a day week 27

Slightly different 365 this week, and chances are much of this random stuff will continue.  I’ve discovered (always late to the party, me!) #CapturingColour with Capture by Lucy over on Instagram so it’s making to look out for a lot more around me.  As well as Project 365, it’s great to have another focus area and try to work my way up to using manual settings on my camera, and possibly getting out my mum’s DSLR to play with too.

project 365 week 27

Sunday – we were at our village nursery school’s Treasure hunt and village bakery.  I was really chuffed as the treasure hunt was my idea.  Thankfully the weather was wonderful, it all came together and we had a great time.  N loved ‘winning’ his medal as well as having chance to hang out with his best friend while I was on the start/finish point.

Monday saw the start of the box.  My brother and I had been planning to do a car boot sale this weekend, to clear out some of my mum’s house – of course we decided against it thanks to the weather this morning.  I did rescue this box before it got burned, and N seems to have made himself at home.  With rock (Metallica at Glastonbury) on the tv and a snack, he was really comfy.

Tuesday – I went out for a walk at lunchtime for the first time in what seemed like ages.  I’m really making the most of looking out for beautiful flowers and these caught my eye, up above a garden wall.

Wednesday – Most of the animals are out in the fields, but when I popped down to the yard to have a look at the empty barn ready for the clay shoot next week, I found a couple of sheep and 3 calves in one of the boxes.  I managed to get some amusing shots, but this one of them almost kissing made me chuckle.

Thursday – and the apples are growing well.  At least I know we get cookers and dessert apples every year, unlike my tomato plants which are still growing up and out, but there’s no sign of flowers.  So hoping that there will end up being some tomatoes at the end of the journey.  I don’t really do gardening, so keeping the tomato plants going is taking up a lot of time and effort.

Friday – I had to nip to B&Q. I lie, I decided to, because I wanted to look for some garden furniture..  Waste of time, as they only had one set of wooden table and chairs, which was too small.  But I did enjoy wandering up and down the paint aisles – I do love colour swatches, and this display was pretty impressive.

Saturday the car boot sale didn’t happen, so it was mostly chores and boring things.  The bonus was the arrival of N’s Frugi sale items I’d bought for him.  I’ve never ordered anything from them before, but the summer jersey shorts and t shirts looked great, so I managed to get a few for next summer.  Review to come over the next week or so.  I’ve had quite a nice week of post – what with sales purchases and review items.  Even N gets excited when we get post.

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  1. I’ve been saying for years I must do a car boot sale as have so much stuff to declutter, but noone to do one with and would usually have N with me. Will be nice to do it with my brother. He’s a bit of a wheeler dealer, so could be amusing

  2. My little girl has been playing in a box this week too, she loves them 🙂 I love colour swatch displays too. I’m going to have to check out capturing colour 🙂

    1. Definitely check out the capturing colour. This week’s ‘orange’ which I thought would be hard, but actually you notice so much more around you when looking for it. Hopefully it’ll help my photography too

    1. Quite Boden like I suppose, although less applique for Frugi. The t shirts do look a bit slim fit, so will have to try them on N before putting them in the wardrobe til next year, just in case they fit now! They’re all organic cotton though which is good if you’re that way inclined.

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