Trentham Gardens Sensory Garden display

Project 365 2015 week 24

It’s week 24 of Project 365, and we’re so close to half way.  I thought I’d done ok with photos this week, but I’ve been scrabbling around to find photos from a couple of days. Here’s this week’s photos.

Sunday, we met up with my best friend (N’s godmother) and her son (my godson) midway at Trentham Gardens.  We went last year, but didn’t have much chance to explore.  This time although we were only there for 4 hours, we did see much more.  This photo was from the garden displays, and this Sensory Garden really was beautiful.  The 2 boys loved it (even though the sound bits didn’t seem to work).

Trentham Gardens Sensory Garden display

Monday was a slow photo day, but this feather wand that N made did make me chuckle.  He found the feather at Trentham and brought it home, adding the leaves (he’s obsessed with shredding leaves from any trees he sees).

feather and leaf wand

Tuesday saw N breaking open some ‘playdoh’ that I was planning on selling or handing on.  He decided he was making sleeping accessories for his Peppa Pig toys. I love seeing how creative he can be sometimes.

Peppa Pig sleeping bags

Wednesday my brother turned up to sort out some final bits for completion on our mum’s house which has finally sold.  Of course, N roped him into playing – on this occasion one of the jigsaw puzzles that was mine when I was a child.  It’s great because my brother’s great with N, and has always been good with children but doesn’t want his own.  N adores him.

jigsaw puzzles with uncle

On Thursday evening some of the cousins were over. N loves all his cousins, although he does still get confused on the names of 3 of the boys on one side – well, 2 of them do look quite similar, but it’s a bit embarrassing when he can’t remember their names. Thankfully they find it funny.  N was getting lazy and asking his cousin to give him rides on the gator.  The older cousins are so good – really patient with N, and seem to enjoy playing with him and helping him out.

Taxi driver - gator powered by cousins

Friday wasn’t a good day in the garden.  N’s climbing frame was bought in December and delivered in February, and it’s taken an attempt by me (I quickly gave up) and then my father-in-law and sister-in-law’s dad who had a good go at building it.  They found that there were nails/screws missing and another piece, so didn’t finish it (it’d taken about 4.5 hours to get over halfway through, and they’re pretty hot on building things, with one having built a great wooden shed/summer house from scratch).

The hope was that we’d have it done for N’s party in July.  But the wind the other week blew it over (it’s not yet anchored, but even so didn’t expect it being tipped), and then I noticed the other day that all the rungs for the monkey bar ladder had come loose – even though they’d been nailed in.  This climbing frame is a nightmare. For the money, not being pre-drilled, having bits missing, and then things not holding, isn’t great.  I wish I’d just paid more to get a carpenter in to build one from scratch because now I’m probably going to have to take this to pieces and get someone in to build it.  I’m not impressed.

Dunster House climbing frame failure

On Saturday I was stuck for most of the day at Kwik Fit after going in to buy one new tyre.  I ended up with 3 new tyres, brake pads and discs. An expensive visit.  Thankfully after his swimming lesson N was able to go out with his dad on the farm, so didn’t have to mooch round town and sit with me for 5 hours!  His new swimwear we were sent to review went down well, and for once he was happy to have his photo taken (although he wouldn’t stand against the wall with no lockers or changing table!).

new swimwear from Polarn O Pyret and Quicksilver

project 365 logo

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  1. love the photo of the sensory garden, it looks fun. Sorry to hear about the climbing frame, i can’t believe companies sell products like this yet don’t offer a building service

    1. I totally agree. Although they could make it easier by having holes pre-drilled and measured out on the instructions as well.

        1. Pretty much…with a few pictures. Even Ikea manage to predrill holes and their stuff if cheap. This isn’t and is meant to be good quality timber. Sad effort!

  2. Splendid accessories for Peppa and George, very imaginative too! Most beautiful sensory garden. What a shame about the climbing frame, we are not good at DIY, wouldn’t even know where to start on fixing it

    1. I’m not great. I was hoping my brother would do it, but just need too much time to build it. Wish I’d not bought it now or found somewhere else that build an deliver

  3. I wanted to go to Trentham when we visited but we ran out of time – I wanted a climbing frame like that for our garden but I think I will get a carpenter to do it after your comments – sounds like a nightmare

    1. From another company it might be ok (I know others have had Dunster House and while they’re hard and long to build are fine), but it’s been nothing but trouble. I wanted to pay them to put it up when they delivered but they said they couldn’t do that.

  4. Love the look of that sensory garden, and I’m very impressed with the beds for Peppa! Boo to the car, always the way, and what a shame about that climbing frame, such a pain!

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