Meal Planning Monday: 25th February 2013

So it’s that time again – late by a day though – where I list my meal plan for the week.  It’s only Tuesday and it’s already been slightly thrown out by various things (roast pork on Sunday where there wasn’t enough for leftovers, and potentially an issue on Wed due to car picking up timing etc).  But here’s the plan anyway:

Monday – Salmon with pesto/phili

Tuesday – Beef stew (Boeuf a la Flamande if we’re going to be true to its proper recipe title), with dumplings

Wednesday – plan was pork but we had that on Sunday, so then was going to be Spag bol but beef on Tues, so might end up being homemade chicken kiev depending on time.  Could just end up being takeaway fish & chips.

Thursday – Spaghetti bolognaise (likely)

Friday – leftovers for OH – with jacket potatoes or the like as we’ll probably eat out at lunch.

Saturday – chicken kiev if we’ve not already had it, or maybe roast pork tenderloin.

Sunday – roast of some sort

Puddings – leftover chocolate cake (with ice cream or cream to turn it into more of a pudding), chocolate sticky toffee pudding/cake., maybe apple crumble.

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    1. Just salmon fillets, put a slather of pesto on top of each, top with some phili, then bake for however long to cook fish through. I find our Aga’s a bit hot so tends to crisp up the phili a bit too much. Also, you can do the same but putting it inside puff pastry as ‘en croute’. Also works well

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