Night night

As I’ve said before, N loves reading so of course before bed we have to choose a book (or 2) to read.  Today we had Cock-a-Doodle Quack Quack which is a lovely book about a baby cockerel being born, but not knowing how to wake all the other animals up in the morning.

Usually, we just read the book and N points out all the other farm animals.  But today, we didn’t get past the front page.

And when I say the front page, that’s what I mean.  The title page.

The title page had a small picture of the baby cockerel emerging from its egg.  N kept saying ‘night night’ thinking the cockerel was in his bed.  So I had to try and explain that chicks come from eggs so he was being born.  Once he was hatched, he didn’t go back into the egg.

Not sure this really got through (I suppose 2 years old is quite young to get that through to him), but hopefully his Gramp will have some turkey and chicken eggs in the next few months that he’ll be able to see hatch.

I love some of the sayings and phrases he comes out with that make sense to him.

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